Melania Smiled At ‘Melania Cakes’ But Threatened To Bankrupt Ex-Roommate: ‘That Is Not How You Treat A Friend’

First Lady Melania Trump was upset about a book written by Bojan Pozar and Igor Omerza, titled Melania Trump – The Inside Story: The Potential First Lady. According to the Daily Beast, the 49-year-old lawyer for Melania, Natasa Pirc Musar, is speaking about how Melania reacted from everything to “Melania cakes” to those nasty escort allegations that Melania sued over.

The book, Melania Trump—The Inside Story: The Potential First Lady, interviewed a few men who claimed they were Melania’s ex-boyfriends prior to the first lady leaving Slovenia as a 22-year-old. Even though Melania said these men weren’t her ex-boyfriends, Melania decided against suing the authors, according to Musar. But one of Melania’s ex-roommates wasn’t so lucky when it came to legal threats.

Photographer Matthew Atanian was Melania’s roommate when they lived in the Zeckendorf Towers on Union Square in New York City. Although Matthew said that he had only the best wishes for Melania, seeing as how he new Melania before she met Donald and eventually became Mrs. Melania Trump, Atanian said Melania sicced her attorney on him and halted him from publishing photos of Melania as a younger woman. Matthew claims that those threats came with fears of lawsuits and bankruptcy for her old friend.

“All I had was good wishes for her in the interviews, then I get nasty letters from her lawyers threatening to sue me and bankrupt me if I publish any photos of her. That is not how you treat a friend.”

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Jure Zorcic was one of the guys interviewed for the book about Melania, with Jure claiming that when he caught up with Melania in New York, he was surprised that she wanted to speak in English instead of in their native Slovenian tongue. Jure also was shocked that he received a lawsuit, and not because of his interview, but because he exposed Melania’s dad’s investigations.

“And now Melania’s lawyer is suing me, but not for the book, but for the document I published proving that Victor Knavs [Melania’s father] had been investigated for illegal trade on the black [market] and for tax evasion.”

Musar said Melania wanted Jure to sign an agreement that pledged he would no longer speak to the press. Melania admitted knowing Zorcic but said he was never her boyfriend. According to Musar, Zorcic didn’t show up at the agreed-upon time, nor did Peter Butoln, a guy who didn’t want to come at all. Another pending lawsuit is set to begin its trial in November, against the Suzy journalist who claimed the first lady “was an escort for all [sorts of] men,” Melania’s lawyer claimed.

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Despite all the pending lawsuits and threats, Melania smiled at the “Melania” cakes and “M” apple pies still allowed to be sold back in her native land. Musar, who has yet to meet Melania in person, has spoken for hours on the phone with the first lady. Melania apparently didn’t feel the need to tie up the courts with litigation over the cakes.

“The day the attorney and the client discussed the cake, Pirc Musar said she felt Melania smiling on the other end of the line. ‘We had constant discussions over the phone and she said, If it’s only the cake, come on! I have nothing against it.'”

Melania still speaks fluent Slovenian and “sounds like a soft, nice lady” on the phone, according to her attorney. Whether Musar will finally get to meet Melania in person – perhaps at the trial in November – remains to be seen.

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