Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Secret: ‘Eat Sensibly And Exercise’

Fashion designer and television personality Kelly Osbourne recently sat down with In Touch magazine to share the secret to her amazing weight loss transformation — and it has nothing to do with any crazy diets.

After struggling with her weight for years (so much so that she turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with the teasing), the 28-year-old daughter of rocker Ozzy said she changed her life around following a stint on Dancing With The Stars. After losing 20 pounds on the show in 2009, Kelly continued her weight loss and shed an additional 30 pounds, going down five dress sizes in the process.

“People think I lost weight and then got happy, but that’s not how it works. You have to get happy first,” the 5’2″ Osbourne explained.

The key to Osbourne’s amazing new figure? Clean eating and working out.

“I’ve done all the faddy diets and none of them work,” she said. “I wish I could tell you there is another way to lose weight, but the boring truth is you have to eat sensibly and exercise.”

Regarding her diet, which helps her to maintain her now 112-pound frame, Osbourne said:

“For breakfast, I will eat either cereal or a little omelet thingy made with egg whites, mushrooms and spinach. Lunch is usually a salad or a turkey burger. And then for dinner, I’ll have brown rice with vegetables and some kind of meat.”

In addition to clean eating, Kelly says consistent exercise is crucial to shedding unwanted pounds.

Her workout routine includes up to a half hour of cardio with a mix up of pilates, yoga, or circuit training.

And while she tries to go up to five days a week, Osbourne also admitted that she had her “cheat” days.

“I have one cheat day a week and I eat whatever I want,” the Fashion Police co-host told In Touch, adding, “Never deprive yourself of anything, because then you get angry about it.”

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