Duggar Family News: Austin Forsyth Gets Called Out Over Joy-Anna Duggar’s Lack Of Pants, Joint Instagram Acct

Counting On stars Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, are arguably the most physically-involved couple among the married Duggar children. Openly engaging in public displays of affection, Joy-Anna and Austin are developing to be the most passionate pair in the hit reality TV show. While the dynamic between the newly-married young couple seems perfect onscreen, however, many of the pair’s social media followers believe that Austin could loosen the reins on Joy-Anna further.

One thing that the couple’s followers on Instagram have noticed was the fact that unlike her sister, Jinger, Joy-Anna still seems to be stuck in the same old Duggar family dress code. While living with her parents, Joy-Anna had been required to dress in an incredibly modest manner, to the point where she could only wear dresses. As required by the family’s beliefs, however, once a daughter gets married off, her wardrobe would be her husband’s responsibility.

So far, the only daughter that has managed to capitalize on this rule is Jinger Duggar Vuolo. After marrying former soccer player-turned preacher Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger began going against the classic Duggar attire. Over the past few months, Jinger had openly shown herself in photos proudly wearing pants, tights, and even shorts — something that was nigh-impossible when she was living with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

After the marriage of Joy-Anna and Austin, many fans were hoping that the 19-year-old Duggar daughter would enjoy the same freedom as her sister Jinger when it comes to her everyday attire. After all, Joy-Anna had admitted on the show that she is actually not a fan of the Duggar’s customary hyper-modest dress code. As stated in a Cafe Mom report, however, Joy ultimately changed her tune after marrying Austin.

“I said before that I don’t like dresses, but Austin likes them on me. And so, I’m branching out, and I’m wearing some dresses now. I don’t really have fashion. I just kind of wear whatever Austin likes.”

Joy-Anna’s statement managed to disappoint a lot of Counting On fans. While Austin never really said anything definite about the rules governing his wife’s attire, viewers and avid fans of the hit reality TV show have speculated that Joy-Anna’s husband was likely a fan of traditional and conservative clothing, much like Jim Bob Duggar.

Despite this, however, Austin and Joy’s Instagram account has been saturated by social media followers calling on the 23-year-old to allow his wife to explore and expand her fashion. Many even invoked the relationship of Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, which appears to be flourishing despite the Duggar daughter seemingly having complete control over her wardrobe.

“She is very young and pretty. I wish she dresses like her sister Jinger, (who is) more modern. (There is) nothing wrong (about) wearing pants. Please, Joy, change your style,” one commenter wrote.

Apart from Joy-Anna’s wardrobe, many Counting On fans have also noticed that Austin seems to be controlling his wife’s social media presence completely. Duggar daughters are not allowed in social media before marriage. After their wedding, however, they are authorized to have their own social media accounts. This was exactly what Jill, Jessa, and Jinger have done, with each Duggar daughter thriving as they manage their own presence online.

Joy-Anna, however, still has no personal social media presence. Until now, Joy-Anna and Austin only have a joint Instagram account where the couple uploads pictures of their travels and the occasional selfie. As noticed by Counting On fans, the Instagram account seems to be managed by Austin alone, which would likely mean that even after marriage, Joy-Anna’s movements on the internet are still limited.

In the official Counting On subreddit, some members of the online community remarked that it is quite unusual to see Joy-Anna sharing her Instagram account with her husband, contrary to what her older sisters have done. Some have even suggested that the couple’s joint Instagram presence seems indicative of Austin’s controlling personality. One member of the subreddit summarized the community’s thoughts on the issue.

“I find it so odd that Austin seems to be the one controlling their Instagram account. Just the fact that they have a joint account was a bit surprising since the other married Duggar girls & spouses have individual accounts.

“It could be that Joy just doesn’t care that much about social media. But to me, it really does seem like an expression of Austin’s controlling approach to their relationship. He has definitely struck me as the most fervent and patriarchal fundamentalist of the husbands, and I think we’re seeing that here.”

Do you think that Austin Forsyth is really controlling his wife’s wardrobe and social media presence? Or is Joy-Anna simply not interested in social media and her own fashion? Tell us what you think, and sound off on the comments below!

Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, are featured on Counting On, which is scheduled to return on TLC this coming September.

[Featured Image by Austin & Joy Forsyth/Instagram]