Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner’s Doppelgangers Look Exactly Like Them — And Fans Are Freaking Out

Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner has always been very active on social media. In fact, they have been quite visible on various feeds that almost everyone becomes so familiar with their faces. So when sisters Sonia and Fyza Ali were spotted by eagle-eyed fans of Kim and Kylie, everyone noticed the uncanny resemblance.

Earlier this week, avid fans of Kim and Kylie were freaked out when Twitterverse stumbled upon two sisters who look just like the famous Kardashian-Jenner siblings. The doppelgangers were identified as Sonia and Fyza Ali, Dubai-based lifestyle bloggers.

A Keeping Up With The Kardashians fan shared a photo of Sonia and Fyza while walking along the streets of Los Angeles. The photo instantly went viral and retweeted over 12,000 times. The post was also bombarded with various reactions — mostly disbelief.

One user even described the resemblance as “scary,” while another one expressed confusion with their striking similarities.

Despite the doppelgangers’ undeniable likeness to Kim and Kylie, there were some who alluded that their appearances don’t look natural at all. Some assumed that Sonia and Fyza went under extensive surgery to achieve the Kardashian-Jenner look.

In fact, there were some who even uploaded an alleged side-by-side comparison of the sisters before and after the surgery.

????????❤ #soniaxfyza #losangeles

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Unfortunately, no further details about the doppelganger sisters have been revealed, but many are expecting to see more of them in the future. So far, Sonia and Fyza have yet to address their newfound fame. Kim and Kylie have not commented on their doppelgangers as well.

Check out some of Sonia and Fyza’s photos below.

Check our insta story to see how I created this look ???? #soniaxfyza #tutorial

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I'm starting to love the messy brow trend! Share you brow growth tips below! ???????? ~ S #soniaxfyza #dubai

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Meanwhile, both Kim and Kylie have their hands full with their respective projects. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars are currently busy promoting their reality shows, including Jenner’s Life of Kylie.

Kim and Kylie are also reaping the fruits of their hard work with their own cosmetics line. In fact, the youngest Jenner is now considered to be one of the most successful makeup moguls to date.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics raked in a whopping $420 million over the course of the last 18 months. This astronomical figure was a far cry from Kylie’s major competitors.

The outlet pointed out that the biggest names in the cosmetic industry took quite a while before hitting such milestone. Apparently, Estée Lauder owned Tom Ford reached $500 million in revenues after a decade while Bobbi Brown took 25 years before hitting the one billion dollar mark in 2016.

As for Kim, the mother of two recently teased fans with an upcoming addition to her KKW Beauty line. Kardashian took to Instagram earlier this week and posted two images hinting about the new items. However, no further details have been revealed yet about the new KKW Beauty product.

[Featured Images by Vivien Killilea, Jason Merritt/Getty Images]