‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Brady’s Downward Descent, Eric Martsolf On Nicole, Insecurities, And Jealousy

Days Of Our Lives spoilers revealed that Brady Black’s demons would resurface after his jealousy goes into overdrive. Things are taking a bad turn for the character, especially after yesterday’s episode. In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, actor Eric Martsolf discussed why he is so insecure in love. This pattern of behavior has not only occurred with Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker), but nearly every other woman he has been with. So, why is he so jealous and why can’t he get his feelings under control without resorting to substance abuse?

DOOL spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what is going on inside Brady’s head on the NBC soap opera.

As fans saw on Tuesday, Brady Black snapped at Maggie (Suzanne Rogers). He insisted on knowing the details of Maggie and Nicole’s relationship. When she refused, he then yelled at her and made a lot of assumptions about what Nicole and Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) were doing behind his back. He is confident that they are cheating and he is getting angrier by the minute.

By the end of the episode, Brady couldn’t go without a drink and poured some alcohol into a glass. He was trying to fight the temptation, but his emotions got the best of him. Things are only going to get worse for Brady on Days Of Our Lives.

Maggie tried to give Brady some valuable advice and she even warned Nicole in a voicemail. However, Brady isn’t going to listen to anyone, including Maggie. Eric Martsolf explained what is going through Brady’s mind when he unleashed his venomous rage onto Maggie.

“I don’t think it’s typical of Brady to ignore Maggie’s advice. If there is one human being in the world that he trusts more than anyone, it would be Maggie. But unfortunately, Brady isn’t one to be rational all of the time. When he’s hot under the collar, there isn’t a human being alive that is going to change his mind or his attitude about the way he feels about certain things. It’s hard to get through to a guy like that.”

Meanwhile, Eric saved Nicole from being recognized by Holly’s foster mother. Once they were alone, she was able to explain why she took such a big risk to see her daughter. Then, she collapsed in Eric’s arms as he comforted her. It appears that Eric and Nicole are continuing to get closer, so Brady’s concerns might not be that far off base. However, by him acting so jealous, he will only push Nicole further away.

When Martsolf was asked by Brady can’t accept that Nicole loves him, the actor gave an interesting response.

“Brady is accustomed to disappointment. He’s accustomed to love not working out. He’s accustomed to train wrecks. So that’s what he expects to happen. In a weird way, Brady almost sabotages himself in that sense… As much as Brady tries, he never seems to shed those doubts in his mind that it’s not going to work out… He’s been given a second chance. But at the same time, he’s having doubts about his relationship with Nicole, and more specifically whether she has feelings for his brother, Eric.”

As Brady Black continues to dive back into the world of addiction, it will only push Nicole closer to Eric. The question is, will “Ericole” rekindle their former romance or will they continue to just be friends?

What do you think of what Eric Martsolf revealed about Brady on Days Of Our Lives?

[Featured Image by Evans Vestal Ward/NBC]