Is Bella Thorne Practicing An Eastern Religion? Fans Freak Out On Twitter

Bella Thorne keeps fans wondering on social media. It doesn’t matter what she’s up to. Whether she’s hanging out with a new guy or sharing a new bikini selfie, her fans want to know what’s going on in her life. Bella is unfiltered on her social media accounts. She uses her Snapchat account to share her everyday raucousness. Over on Twitter, Bella interacts with her young fans. She also shares a few Instagram posts per week, depending on what’s going on in her life.

According to Teen Vogue, Bella Thorne shared a Snapchat selfie in which she wore various gold necklaces. One of the necklaces had a phrase on it. One of her fans noticed and shared a screenshot of the necklace and asked Thorne if it said “Allah” on it. Some of her fans assumed she was practicing a new faith.

The fan wrote, “Who else sees Allah on her necklace.” This very tweet quickly went viral. Even Bella took notice and responded.

“It actually says ‘sl*t,'” she responded.

Another fan put together the responses in a tweet that went viral on Twitter because of Thorne’s response. Followers of the fan account couldn’t believe that a celebrity found their post asking about her jewelry. Everyone now knows that Thorne’s necklace reads “sl*t” and not “Allah.” The former Disney star has been trying to reclaim the term. The word always comes up in conversations, stemming from trolls who attack her for her dating life.

bella thorne necklaces
Bella Thorne keeps a certain necklace close to her chest. [Image by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]

“Social media is so beautiful in that you get to share your thoughts with everyone,” the 19-year-old told Seventeen last year. “But, of course, it’s a numbers game so for every great person you’re going to have somebody that’s not so great who is willing to spread hate, that’s insecure.”

In the past, the Famous In Love star told Teen Vogue how she handled online bullying, exclaiming, “It’s all about being unapologetic women, which works so well with who I am as a person, and who I am on socials.”

bella thorne phone
Bella Thorne is somewhat addicted to social media. [Image by Lars Niki/Getty Images for Beautycon]

Bella doesn’t take kindly to online bullying. She responded to someone who made an NSFW video of her allegedly masturbating in her vehicle. The unidentified person looped one of Bella’s Snapchat videos with an amateur adult video. Bella also defended herself for hooking up with Scott Disick before, during, and after Cannes.

What are your thoughts on Bella Thorne’s necklace? What do you think it means? Do you think she’s fighting back against online trolls who remark on her personal life? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for NYLON]