Is Beyonce Breastfeeding The Twins? The Internet Seems To Think So After She Shared These Instagram Photos

Beyonce is a notoriously private celebrity who has not shared whether she is breastfeeding her two newborn twins, Rumi and Sir. However, the internet seemed to have come to the conclusion that the superstar was breastfeeding based on the recent Instagram photos she shared with fans.

Beyonce and JAY-Z’s twins are nearly 2-months-old. On Saturday, the Lemonade superstar shared some recent photos of herself out on a date with her rapper husband in California.

Romper reported that people on the internet immediately began buzzing about Beyonce’s ample chest, which she proudly displayed in a blue striped dress while taking a sip of wine on her Instagram account.

People immediately began “mom-shaming” the singer for supposedly drinking while breastfeeding, according to HuffPost.

It took an entire month for Beyonce and JAY-Z to confirm their twins’ names to the public via Instagram. The ultra-private superstar has in no way confirmed if she was breastfeeding her twins.

Some other people commented that she’d probably stopped nursing and complained that the twins were “already” on formula. The “Hold Up” singer received a shocking amount of backlash on her Instagram photos of her and JAY-Z enjoying a few nights out for themselves without the twins.

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Not only have people bashed the celebrity for allegedly drinking while breastfeeding, they have also slammed her for leaving her newborn twins at home with nannies.

Beyonce was more than likely proud to show her fans that new moms can go out and do “non-mom” things and focus on their relationships and have fun. The singer was probably not expecting such an outlandish reaction from people on the internet.

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After giving birth to her first child, Blue Ivy, Beyonce told People Magazine that she breastfed for 10 weeks and encouraged other women to do the same, saying that she had lost most of her weight from breastfeeding. She also said that it was “good for the baby” and “good for yourself.”

As far as whether Beyonce is breastfeeding her twins, fans will have to wait and see if the singer decides to speak out on the topic. The quiet superstar is not likely to respond to rumors or backlash publicly.

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