Former WWE Creative Team Writer Reveals If Vince McMahon Will Ever Bring Back 'War Games'

Danny Cox

It is certainly one of the most violent and popular match types in professional wrestling history, and fans simply want Vince McMahon to bring "War Games" to WWE, but will it ever happen? There have been plenty of rumors and a lot of speculation, with the promotion even teasing that the double cages would return after two decades. Now, a former WWE creative team writer has revealed the truth about Vinnie Mac and "War Games."

Court Bauer has been involved with the wrestling business for almost two decades, and he is a former member of the WWE creative team. He started at the company back in 1999 and worked closely with Vince McMahon for many years, which means he likely has plenty of interesting stories to tell.

One of the most interesting tales was recently told to Wrestling Inc. when speaking of the Punjabi Prison Match, which just returned at Battleground. Bauer began talking about how the match became a reality, and it actually surprised all of the creative team members at the time.

Bauer said that an idea had been pitched to Vince McMahon back in 2006, and it was for an "exploding deathmatch," which had never been done in WWE before. While that ultimately led to the Punjabi Prison, Bauer slipped in something about "War Games" that may not thrill a lot of fans.

Bauer told Wrestling Inc. that while he was selling the exploding deathmatch to Vince McMahon, someone on the creative team once again brought up "War Games." That's when it received the response that it likely always will.

"We had some good brawlers and I thought well we could build to something with this. We were just talking out loud and [Vince McMahon] turned down War Games, he always does and always will."

While anything is possible in the world of professional wrestling, it does seem as if "War Games" isn't considered to be part of that anymore. Even though WWE will bring about the Elimination Chamber and creations such as the Punjabi Prison, it just doesn't seem as if the double ring and double cage structure of "War Games" will ever return.

Even though "War Games" and the exploding deathmatch would have been great options in WWE, it seems as if the random creation of the Punjabi Prison Match was the better option. No-one on the creative team at the time appeared to know where it came from or why, but they had to roll with it.

WWE has dropped hints at the return of "War Games" and even released a collection of past matches on the WWE Network, but it has not happened in a long time. By listening to former creative team member and writer Court Bauer, it appears as if it may never take place again. Unless Vince McMahon completely changes his stance on things, fans will just have to watch old pay-per-views to get their fill of the wars in the double cage.

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