‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Corinne Olympios Reportedly Mixed Pills With Booze, ABC Dives Right Into DeMario Drama

Bachelor in Paradise will not waste any time before diving into the scandal that temporarily shut down production of the ABC reality show earlier this summer. During the After the Final Rose special for Rachel Lindsay’s Bachelorette finale, franchise host Chris Harrison introduced a teaser clip for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, which went right into Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson’s infamous drunken hookup.

The extended Bachelor in Paradise clip showed Olympios and Jackson getting into the swimming pool and later, camera crews shutting down their equipment as the confused cast wondered what was going on. (You can see the scene below.) It was later revealed that a producer’s allegations of sexual misconduct on the set of the show prompted Warner Bros. to shut down production in Mexico to investigate the incident. The nearly two-week investigation concluded there was no wrongdoing and the cast and crew were called back to Mexico.

Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson did not return to Bachelor in Paradise after the shutdown, but they will be part of an ABC special later this summer where they will get to tell their sides of the story. But Olympios is already talking. According to TMZ, Corinne has now revealed that she mixed prescription drugs with alcohol right before the ill-fated swimming pool hookup with Jackson during Bachelor in Paradise filming.


Corinne reportedly made the admission during the taping of the Bachelor in Paradise reunion last weekend. While Olympios didn’t elaborate on what type of pills were taken, insiders close to BiP production say she is certain that mixing the meds with booze intensified her drunkenness and led to her blacking out.

In the aftermath of the Bachelor in Paradise scandal, new policies were implemented by producers, such as checking bags for prescription drugs and a two drink per hour maximum.


In an interview with Variety, ABC programming VP Robert Mills revealed that it was a “Herculean effort” of the Bachelor in Paradise crew to get everything started again in Mexico after the shutdown.

“It was fascinating watching the new cast come in after the original cast that was part of the stop-down had been there,” he said. “People who were part of the original stop-down bonded over that. It was sort of interesting because they definitely went through this thing together. They all really wanted to come back, and I was really glad we were able to get it back and have this season.”

Take a look at the video below to see the moment Bachelor in Paradise was shut down.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Monday, Aug. 14 on ABC.

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