‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Tempted By Griffin And Valentin, Saint And Sinner – ‘Grava’ Romance Heats Up

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ava Jerome (Maura West) has an angel on one shoulder and a demon the other as she deals with her agony and depression over her horrific burns. Both Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) and Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) continue to swirl around Ava while she goes through her burn recovery ordeal. They will tempt her in different ways, but what will Ava ultimately choose: good or evil?

Valentin holds the cure

Some new GH spoilers predict that Ava sticks to her guns for a while before considering Valentin’s offer. But after some unfortunate encounters, she rethinks taking the deal to get miracle surgery to restore her beauty. At first, when Valentin offered to help her get her old face back, Ava responded that she deserved what happened. She thinks she should live with her scars in payment for her sins, but can she stick to it?

General Hospital spoilers promise that with Spencer Cassadine (Nicolas Bechtel) heading back to boarding school, the civil suit against Valentin will soon be dropped. With that lawsuit gone, Ava doesn’t have to testify or recant, which was what Valentin wanted. By Thursday, August 10, GH spoilers from SheKnows Soaps say that Ava hits bottom when she sees her daughter Avery, and the little girl reacts badly to her mom’s scarred face.


Griffin offers faith (and more)

As Ava bottoms out, other General Hospital updates predict Griffin steps up to play a strong role in Ava’s life. During the week of August 14, Griffin and Ava get closer, and on August 15, the handsome former priest has a surprise for Ava. This leads to Ava fantasizing about a life without her horrible scars on Wednesday, August 16. Ava wishes she was beautiful again so she can be with the very handsome Griffin, but her logic is flawed.

Griffin shows Ava compassion because he sees the better part of her underneath those scars. She’s doing penance for her sins by struggling through this hardship, and that’s something the former priest can appreciate. But if Ava takes the easy way out and asks Valentin to get her face back, will she lose her newfound friendship with Griffin? General Hospital spoilers have teased for a while that Griffin and Ava were headed for romance, but will Ava mess things up?


Ava regains her beauty but loses a shot at love?

We saw on a recent General Hospital episode that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) went on a vicious tirade against Ava and told her she deserved to be as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside. That cruel remark hit Ava hard. Was Carly a hypocrite? Yes, Ava shot Connie Falconeri and drugged Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig), but Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) has killed more than Ava, and Morgan drugged Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and almost harmed Avery doing so.

Once Ava gets past the idea that she deserves to be scarred, GH spoilers predict she goes to Valentin to make a deal with the devil to get her gorgeous face back because she wants to be with Griffin. But will turning to Valentin for help be what causes Griffin to reject Ava? Griffin might think Ava took the easy way out and refuse to be with her despite how beautiful she is once again. This is a big decision for Ava since she hates her scars but is falling for Griffin, who might reject her beauty.


A General Hospital tale of beauty and the beast

In this case, GH’s handsome Griffin is the beauty, but not because he’s so handsome. It’s Griffin’s inner beauty that draws people to him, but Ava also appreciates his chiseled good looks. Ava told Griffin he doesn’t understand her predicament because he’s gorgeous. Even if Ava gets back her beauty, she’s still the beast in this scenario because of her sins and how she stoops to any level to get what she wants.

Will beauty and the beast find love after she chooses to dance with the devil, Valentin, to get her old face back? Is there a chance for “Grava” to find romance? Sonny won’t like it and will warn Griffin away from Ava, but we can expect Griffin to stand up to Sonny and point out that he has no room to talk about sin since Sonny’s hands are covered with blood.

What do you think? Are you shipping Grava? Are you ready to see Griffin in a serious romance, even if it’s one with Ava? How long do you think Ava will resist before she lets Valentin restore her gorgeous face? Stay tuned for more action during the week of August 7-11 from the latest General Hospital spoilers.


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