Jinger Duggar Surprises Fans Again In New Sporty Pic, Quells Pregnancy Rumors

Jinger Duggar did it again! She has surprised fans by doing what they consider unlikely for a Duggar girl. An image that Jeremy Vuolo shared on Monday showed his wife shooting ball.

After her marriage to Jeremy last November, Jinger Duggar has changed in many ways seemingly unthinkable for a Duggar girl. She wore shorts and then pants, defying the Duggars’ rather orthodox dressing norms. Her wardrobe change apart, the couple has not announced pregnancy despite being married for over nine months; Jill and Jessa Duggar were pregnant within half a year of their marriages. Fans expect Jinger and Jeremy to have kids sooner than later as the couple recently purchased their first home. If recent images are any indication, babies are definitely not on the anvil for the Vuolos as the shots put to rest rumors that Jinger Duggar is pregnant.

In the image that Jeremy shared Monday, Jinger is seen attempting what looks like a three-pointer. The Laredo pastor did not just exclaim about his wife’s shooting skills with an appropriate caption but also showed-off his passion for photography. The couple has been sharing images which have been composed and edited in ways that suggest they are seriously into photography.


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“This girl is amazing. Out off such a public And strict family. She ALWAYS treated her parents value’s with respect. And now she’s going her own way. In a very, very respectable way. You go girl!,” one commented in response to Jeremy’s image.

“Its his wife she seems 2 be coming out of her shell good for her,” wrote another fan, drawing a contrast between Jinger Duggar’s marital and premarital lives.

Jeremy Vuolo’s views, which he preaches, on women’s clothing have been credited for Jinger’s wardrobe change. The Laredo pastor has advocated modesty but reportedly does not believe in imposing a dress-code. In contrast, women in the Duggar household are accustomed to wearing skirts and long dresses that cover most of their body. Exposing bare arms and chest are unacceptable while wearing pants or shorts is considered blurring the preordained gender divide.

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Outdoor play, however, is not strictly out of bounds for Duggar girls, though they haven’t been pictured playing or shooting ball. However, the girls have been seen doing adventurous stuff like rowing while at family camps.

Jinger Duggar’s passion for photography has been mentioned on the family’s shows TLC shows but it was only after her wedding that fans got to see the photographer in her. Fans think the Instagram images she has been sharing recently may also have motivated her husband Jeremy to pick up the camera.

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