Quantasia Sharpton Video: Footage Allegedly Shows Usher Sharing Steamy Dance With Herpes Accuser On Stage

Quantasia Sharpton is accusing Usher of exposing her to herpes, and now video has reportedly surfaced showing the singer pulling the 19-year-old Sharpton up on stage and sharing a steamy dance with her.

On Monday, a new group of accusers came forward to accuse Usher of failing to inform them that he was allegedly infected with the sexually transmitted disease before they slept with him. While Sharpton herself reportedly tested negative for herpes, she is moving forward with her lawsuit with the backing of celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom.

Sharpton claims that she and Usher had sexual contact at a hotel more than two years ago, ABC 7 reported. Sharpton, who was 19 at the time, was given no warning that Usher was allegedly infected with herpes, the lawsuit claims.

Usher has remained quiet on the allegations, and there is no proof that he is indeed infected with herpes.

“Usher, if you are negative please say so,” Sharpton said at Monday’s press conference. “If you are positive, you need to warn your sex partners so that they can make their own informed decisions. Thank you.”

There may be some proof of Quantasia Sharpton’s accusations, BET reported. A Twitter user reportedly found footage of the two sharing what appeared to be a steamy dance on stage.

“It is unclear whether it’s actually her in the video, but the shockingly steamy concert video shows a young woman grinding and doing all things NSFW with Usher after being pulled on stage,” the report noted.

More details about the lawsuit emerged Monday, with Radar Online reporting that one of the victims suffered “birthing complications” after actually contracting the sexually transmitted disease from the singer. The lawsuit claimed that the woman had a number of other complications, including emotional distress, depression, and anxiety.

The lawsuits against Usher came after he reportedly paid $1.1 million to a celebrity stylist who had been infected with herpes sometime in 2009 or 2010. The woman, Maya Fox-Davis, was actually a friend of Usher’s former wife and was a bridesmaid in their wedding. There were some signs of an affair between Usher and Fox-Davis. As Radar Online reported, the two were photographed together on a playground in 2008, a time when Usher’s wife was pregnant with their second child.


Immediately after word of the lawsuit was reported, another woman filed a $10 million lawsuit, Radar Online reported.

The latest claims against Usher include two women and one man who claim that the singer exposed them to the virus and failed to notify them that he had been infected.


So far, Quantasia Sharpton has not spoken about the footage reportedly showing her on stage with Usher. And for his part, Usher has remained silent about the accusations against him. The video that allegedly shows the two together can be seen here.

[Featured Image by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for Songwriters Hall Of Fame]