Prince Harry’s Sacrifice For Kate And William May Mean Tiara Ring For Meghan Markle One Day?

Kate Middleton was welcomed into the royal family with a lot of love attached to that beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring that Prince William placed on her finger when she agreed to become his wife. When William and Harry were still very young, not too long after the death of Princess Diana, the two boys were given a choice of a keepsake from her vast collection of personal items.

Prince William wanted his mom’s Cartier watch; no doubt it was something he often saw her wear, and it likely held memories of his mom, which made that an easy choice, according to the Mirror. Prince Harry picked his mom’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring because of the memories it held for him with his mom wearing it.

When it comes to brothers with royal blood or not, you probably won’t find two male siblings much closer than William and Harry. They’ve been through some horrific times together, and they are still there for one another today.

Both were young boys when Princess Diana died two decades ago. It was during an era where being royal still meant to keep that stoic presence about you, something they didn’t have to do as young kids when they were around their mom. When it came to the rest of the royal family, your emotions were not something to be displayed, especially in public. So when their mom Diana died, the boys appeared stoic and brave through all the public affairs from her funeral to her memorial events.

They had each other to lean on, and they both had the benefit of being raised by Diana so they could share their emotions with each other. She raised the two boys by doing away with a lot of royal traditions and gave it her best shot to let her two little princes be just regular boys when ever she could, as E! News reported a few months back.

This is much like Kate today, but she has a benefit that Diana didn’t have. Kate has William, who is just as eager for his kids to enjoy a life that’s not as royal as he lived while growing up. Diana had Charles, who was raised by nannies and royal protocols help make up part of his persona. William and Harry both tend to follow their mom’s mindset when it comes to letting kids be kids.

When Prince William decided to propose to Kate Middleton, the brothers decided the sapphire diamond engagement ring that was their mom’s ring should go to Kate. William was the first of the two princes to get married, and that ring was the engagement ring given to their mom from their dad.

It wasn’t the actual ring itself that meant anything to either royal brother — it was the meaning behind the ring that did. The sentiment that came along with that ring was something both brothers felt would do justice on Kate’s finger.

Because it was their mom’s engagement ring, the brothers decided long ago that it would be given to the first brother to take a wife. History played out, and the ring was presented to Kate when William proposed.

This was quite the sacrifice that Prince Harry made for his brother, especially now, as he is older and rumors are flowing about his possible intentions of proposing to Meghan Markle, the woman he has been dating for quite some time. At 32, chances are Harry will get married sooner rather than later, so what does he do for a ring for his bride-to-be if and when that day comes?

According to the Mirror, the tiaras worn by Princess Diana are owned by the royal family and not specifically her heirs, William and Harry. For the tiara gems to be removed and used for a ring, special permission would be needed. Only time will tell on that one, but it would be a wonderful gesture for Harry’s wife as well as it was for Kate to have a memory of Diana from her boys.

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