Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Olivia Jade Causes Controversy For New Car Crash Video

Lori Loughlin’s daughter is a famous YouTube star, and now Olivia Jade has upset a lot of people with a new video that she posted about a car crash that she was involved in recently. AOL Entertainment shared the details about what happened and why everyone is upset.

Not long before Olivia Jade got into a car accident, she was filming herself while driving down the road. Then, she shared about the accident after it happened. Lori’s daughter said she was at a red light when a truck smashed into her vehicle from behind, sending her into the car in front of her. In her new vlog, she explained all about how the accident happened. The vlog is pretty long, but this is a large part of it in the middle.

Olivia said that she was going to get her hair dyed, and she films herself while driving down the road and singing to Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.” After she leaves the salon, she talks about her hair appointment. Then, the next scene is after the accident. You don’t see Olivia Jade actually get into the accident, but you see the aftermath of it all. Olivia said that she wasn’t injured, but her head did hurt a little bit. She is very lucky after this wreck.

Everyone started giving her a hard time about the fact that she has been filming herself while she is driving and this can cause car accidents. The fans are explaining to Olivia that being on your phone while driving can cause accidents.

She replied, saying, “I totally agree. ❤️ Safety first and i will never be doing any of that again.”

If she was actually on the phone when the accident happened, then she didn’t share that part of it. Olivia is really popular on YouTube and has almost 1 million subscribers. Hopefully, she has learned a lesson about being on her phone and driving.


Are you shocked by what happened to Lori Loughlin’s daughter? Do you feel like she has learned her lesson about doing things on her phone while she is driving? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss Lori on Fuller House Season 3 when it returns to Netflix.


[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]