Some Unexpected And Interesting New Tag Teams Work Together At WWE Live Events

Fans may not always understand everything that WWE does but many times, their decisions bring about a purpose in the long run even if they make absolutely no sense now. Some superstars may be pushed to the moon when fans don’t think it is deserving while their favorites end up in mid-card limbo. It could just be a new idea that is needed to jump-start a career and maybe that is why WWE created some random new tag teams at live events over the weekend.

WWE Live Events, or house shows, are often taken as chances for the company to try new things to see how they may work out. It’s possible that they could end up making it to Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live, but if they fail miserably, hardly anyone will ever think about them again.

That’s exactly what happened this weekend at a WWE Live Event as the SmackDown Live brand visited Ottawa on Saturday. While there were a few current programs continuing, there was one tag match that made absolutely no sense and was being seen for probably the first time anywhere.

As reported by Wrestling Inc., two former brothers in The Wyatt Family were in a match together, but they were on opposite sides of the ring. As a matter of fact, fans in attendance saw Luke Harper partner with…Sin Cara.

Now, the very strange tag team just confuses a lot of people, but they apparently worked really well together. Luke Harper and Sin Cara ended up picking up the victory as reported by, but their opponents could end up being considered an even weirder partnership.

Facing off against Harper and Sin Cara was the team of Erick Rowan and Aiden English. As you can see by the caption on the following picture, WWE even realizes that the pairings for this tag team match are unlike anything else.

All four superstars haven’t been doing much on SmackDown Live in the last couple of months. Erick Rowan and Sin Cara have just made sporadic appearances for a match here and there. Aiden English has been involved in a bit of a feud with Tye Dillinger and even defeated Sami Zayn on last week’s episode.

The strangest story of all, though, has to be Luke Harper. In March, he was right in the middle of the WWE Championship scene and even one decision away from being in the WrestleMania 33 main event. Since that point, he has disappeared and is hardly even at mid-card level.

It could just be that WWE wasn’t entirely sure what to do with some time on the card and they wanted to get all four men in the ring, so, they paired them together. Maybe, the promotion is looking at some new ways to spice things up and see where they could go. If these teams end up continuing together on SmackDown Live, it will be interesting to see how they can explain Luke Harper teaming with Sin Cara and Erick Rowan partnering up with Aiden English.

[Featured Image by WWE]

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