Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo’s Latest Pictures Are Absolutely Stunning, Jinger Gets More Creative With Shots

Over the past few weeks, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s Instagram pages have been filled with photos that the pair appears to have taken during their travels. Based on the quality of the images from Jinger and Jeremy’s recent social media activity, it seems like the reality TV power couple has a real passion for photography.

This point is proven in the couple’s latest Instagram posts, which featured Jinger and Jeremy’s latest photography projects. The images displayed by the fan-favorite Duggar couple are simply stunning.

Jeremy’s latest pictures featured a mix of old and new photos. He uploaded an adorable picture of himself and his beautiful wife as they rocked some sweet sweaters, as well as a throwback to his days playing soccer on the streets with kids. Interestingly, Jeremy also featured fellow Duggar couple Jessa and Ben Seewald, both of whom were depicted studying Christian books.

While Jeremy’s pictures were really interesting, however, it was Jinger’s latest shots in her Instagram account that really captured the attention of many users of the social media platform. From what could be determined from Jinger’s latest photos, it seems like the reality TV star went on a photo walk to take pictures of her surroundings. Just like the pictures on her husband’s Instagram profile, the most recent images on Jinger’s social media account look almost like they were professionally-taken.

Here is a closer look at the recent photos shared by the reality TV couple. First up are the latest images from Jeremy’s official Instagram page.

Oh, sweater weather.

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This image features Jeremy and Jinger posing for a candid shot while rocking some cool sweaters. Interestingly, despite Jinger wearing a sling bag that crossed her chest, not even a shadow of a much-rumored baby bump could be seen in the photograph.


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This particular photo that Jeremy uploaded featured fellow Counting On stars Jessa and Ben Seewald as they studied Christian books. In the image, both Jessa and Ben looked very serious about their reading. Fans also noted that Jessa seemed to be reading Richard Baxter’s The Godly Home. Overall, the image was well-composed, with many remarking that the picture looks like something straight out of a set of a classic TV sitcom.

Street ball. Circa 2015.

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Jeremy also posted a picture of himself playing soccer with children on the street back in 2015. Just like the other images in the set, Jeremy’s football pic was well-composed, well-lighted and ultimately pleasing to look at.

Jinger’s latest photos are simply stunning. Since Jinger married husband Jeremy Vuolo, fans already began noticing that the Duggar daughter seemed to be coming out of her shell. Recently, Jinger appears to have taken a liking to the art of photography, and she appears to be getting better by the day. These are Jinger’s latest Instagram uploads.

Arkansas State Capitol Rotunda.

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This particular photo, taken at the Arkansas State Capitol Rotunda, has managed to gain the approval of many Counting On fans, with many remarking that Jinger seems to be getting more and more creative with her shots. Overall, Jinger’s photo of the rotunda featured a near-perfect application of the rule of thirds as well as a good play on lighting. This is not all, however, as the symmetry in Jinger’s photo was spot-on, too.

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Jinger’s next photo featured two people walking in the capitol building. The Counting On star framed her subjects with the walls of the capitol’s corridors, giving an impression of height while invoking an almost ethereal feel to the image. The play on lights and shadows was very evident too, suggesting that Jinger is starting to play with her camera’s Manual settings.

The Architecture. AR State Capitol

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Jinger’s last photo is a colored image also featuring the architecture of the AR State Capitol. Unlike the other two in the set, Jinger opted to take the colored shot in a straight perspective. Despite having a simpler composition than the previous images, however, Jinger was still able to balance the symmetry in her picture fairly well.

If there is anything that can be determined from the photos that were recently uploaded by Jinger and Jeremy, it is the fact that the reality TV couple truly loves photography. Apart from this, it seems like Jinger is starting to explore her camera’s settings liberally, suggesting that she is now channeling her creative side more than ever before.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are featured in the 19 Kids and Counting spinoff series Counting On, which is expected to return on TLC this coming September.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Instagram]