Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan — ‘Fifty Shades’ Alleged Affair Everyone Is Talking About

The filming of Fifty Shades Freed was wrapped back in 2016, and the last part in the NSFW erotic movie series is set to release in February 2018. However, fans of the sex drama are more interested in knowing and spreading rumors about the personal lives of Dakota Johnson, Jamie Warner, and Amelia Warner.

Ever since Dakota and Jamie agreed to play Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, different media outlets and fans started to speculate that the co-stars of Fifty Shades of Grey are actually having an affair and the actor is allegedly cheating on his wife. On different social media platforms, there are even several accounts created by fans talking about Dakota and Jamie’s alleged affair and how perfect they both look whenever they are together.

Earlier this week, Celebrity Insider reported that Dornan and Johnson allegedly had an affair, which reportedly caused martial tensions between the actor and his wife. The online news outlet went on to report that the star’s followers have started to believe that they are actually having an affair.

When Dakota herself talked about her feelings for Jamie during her interview with Vogue, many wondered if she actually had an affair with him and this was the reason behind her split with Matthew Hitt.

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During her interview with Vogue, she talked about all the rumors circulating about her alleged affair with Jamie.

“We hate each other and we’re having an affair, so everybody’s right. How about that?”

In their individual interviews, both Dakota and Jamie have confessed that although there has been a lot of rumors about their personal lives, there is nothing going on between them. The movie adaptation of E.L. James’ erotic novel series brought them closer and they feel blessed to have found a good friend in each other. The Inquisitr has reported in the past that just because Dakota had a good onscreen persona with Jamie, that does not mean that they were having an affair behind everyone’s back.

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As earlier reported by the Inquisitr, the Need For Speed movie actress confessed in the past about her inclination towards The Fall actor. Dakota, who is currently busy with her upcoming projects, told Today that her friendship with Jamie was a forced one. She further revealed that there was a lot of tension between them because of the sexual nature of the Fifty Shades movie trilogy and understanding each other’s personal space was a tough part but eventually, they both became good friends.

“I think we were kind of forced into being best friends… Thank God as well, because if we didn’t get along it would be really, really awful,” the 27-year-old actress confessed.

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