Is ‘RHONY’ Ramona Singer’s Ex, Mario, Planning To Get Married To His Former Mistress, Kasey Dexter?

Real Housewives Of New York star Ramona Singer filed for divorce from Mario Singer in September of 2016 after finding out that Mario was involved with Kasey Dexter, who bears a striking resemblance to a younger Ramona. After allegedly walking in on Mario and Kasey in their Hamptons home, Ramona called it quits. Most people thought that after they divorced, Mario would move on, and he and Kasey are still together. Now there are rumors that Mario and Kasey might make it official, but what will Ramona think? Will Mario have a second family?

While Ramona Singer has moved on, she seems to tear up on Real Housewives of New York when talking about Mario and what she went through when she found out that her marriage wasn’t what she thought it was. Ramona parties and dates a variety of men, but has not yet settled down. Over the last season or two of RHONY, Ramona has partied so hard that she has gotten into fights at bars. At a party thrown by John and Dorinda, Ramona was rude to a bartender, causing Dorinda to throw her out of the gathering and complain that Ramona was annoying everyone.

“Everybody hates her. Everyone says she’s constantly annoying and badmouthing people.”

But even though Ramona has had conflicts with most of the other women on RHONY, even Bethenny would have sympathy if Mario remarried, especially if he married Kasey Dexter. Ramona can’t ignore the rumor that Mario is about to put a ring on it. Mario is 64 and Kasey is 34 and has never been married, but according to sources, really wants to.

“Kasey really wants a ring. His friends have been telling her to relax and that he’s thinking of proposing and he’s working on it.”

Kasey and Mario Singer have reportedly been together since 2014.

“Mario is her forever and he feels that way too”

Friends say that Kasey feels bad that she slept with a married man, and she and Mario have moved to Miami to start a new life. Kasey is unsure about having kids, but she feels that her future is with Ramona’s ex, Mario.

Things between RHONY’s Ramona Singer and her ex, Mario, are said to be on good terms, if only for the sake of their daughter, Avery, who just graduated from college. Both Ramona and Mario made it to Avery’s graduation and were photographed together looking happy. But other sources say that Ramona has lashed out at friends for even talking about Mario, and that the subject of their divorce is still taboo.


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Mario Singer seems to lay low, avoiding social media, but Kasey Dexter has an Instagram account, and so does Avery and Ramona. RHONY Ramona Singer is also on Twitter and Facebook, as well as in the media.

Do you think Mario and Kasey will get married, and will RHONY Ramona be okay with it or freak out?

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