Black Conservative Gets A Trump Twitter ‘Thank You’: ‘Pro-Trump 45’ Website Owner Nicole Mincey Is Not A Bot

Nicole Mincey got a shout-out from President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, as seen in the below “thank you” that Trump gave to the black conservative. According to Heavy, the real and full name of Nicole Mincey – who was accused of being a bot and not a real person — has brought confusion. President Donald Trump thanked Mincey on Twitter on August 5. Now Mincey is going viral after tweeting a meme that read “Trump fights for us.” After Trump paid his thanks to Nicole, people thought Mincey was a bot with a fake Twitter account praising Trump. However, the publication researched Mincey, and now there’s even more confusion about Nicole.

Nicole is a student at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, and once taught disabled children. The 21-year-old has gained plenty of attention after Trump’s thank you – with the Heavy article getting more than 23,000 views within hours. Nicole said she grew up in a state of poverty in New Jersey, with Nicole hailing from a conservative family. With plenty of praise for President Trump, Mincey used a different photo of a woman who wasn’t Nicole, reported Heavy, which added to some of the confusion about Mincey being a real person or a bot.

Nicole has a presence on Instagram as well, as can be seen in a below photo from Nicole’s Instagram account. (Update: The Instagram account has been removed.)

Heavy reported that Mincey once supported former President Barack Obama, and is an African-American female from Camden, New Jersey. Nicole learned the art of working hard and personal responsibility from her mother. Although Nicole grew up as a liberal after learning conservative politics from her family, she became a Trump fan during the 2016 election. Mincey reportedly believed in Trump’s promise to “Make America Great Again.”

Mincey is a self-dubbed entrepreneur and black conservative who wants folks to buy her “ProTrump45” gear. One tweet proclaimed that she was a “young black female, Christian, straight, gun-owning Trump supporter” who went on to ask how else she could offend people that day. Nicole called the Democratic party one that’s in free fall.

Nicole claimed she wanted to smash stereotypes about conservatives.

“Liberals see me and don’t know what to say because they can’t throw the racist card at me…I saw a financial opportunity and took it. That’s the perks of capitalism.”

President Trump can be seen in the above photo when he left on Marine One on August 4, before Trump’s “working” vacation.

[Featured Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]