Another American Tragedy: 3 Dead and 2 Critically Injured On Crow American Indian Reservation

The Crow people are known for their rich tradition and beautiful culture. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes indiscriminately, especially when drugs and gangs are involved.

Drugs and gang related violence has been an epidemic in this country since the 1970’s. Americans have learned that the ripple effects of these issues have no boundaries and are indiscriminate. The results of these American epidemics have only destructive powers. Drugs, the gang life, and everything that goes with that lifestyle are known as only having two real outcomes; death or prison. They do not care about race, creed, religion, nationality, or gender.

The Crow American Indian Reservation in southeast Montana is the latest location of American death and tragedy that can be attributed to drugs and gang violence.

Lodge Grass, Montana is one of the quaint towns located within the borders of the Crow American Indian Reservation in southeastern Montana. It’s a community that prides itself on community pride and great family values. On Friday afternoon, the lives of this community was shaken by tragedy and their values tested.

At 4 p.m. Friday afternoon, shots rang out at a private residence in this family oriented community. Not many facts were confirmed or denied due to the ongoing investigation. There were a couple of facts that were released to the press.

A Native American culture with rich ancient history.
Native American Women Warriors members and U.S. military veterans present the colors during the opening of the White House Tribal Nations Conference. [Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

It was confirmed that there were three casualties and two other victims were left in critical condition. The names of the victims and suspects had not been released at the time of this story. It is highly speculated that there were methamphetamine and gang related motives behind this crime.

As a result of this horrific crime, the Tribal Council has enacted a strict curfew between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. Also, multiple law enforcement agencies have given their resources to aid in the investigation of this crime. Agencies involved include the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Montana Highway Patrol, and the Big Horn County Sheriffs office.

There was an announcement by one of the Tribal Councilmen, Alvin Not Afraid Jr. In that statement, he touched on the strength of his community.

“The coming days and weeks will prove the strength of the Crow community to find healing and hope,” he stated. “We today are feeling the pain.”

The Crow Reservation was officially established in 1868. This is one of the largest reservations in the country with over 7900 register residents. It is located in parts of Big Horn, Yellowstone, and Treasure counties in Montana. This reservation has been the land of the Crow people for hundred of years.

Hopefully, there can be some kind of positive result for this beautiful community to find in this time of absolute darkness and thoughtless tragedy.

Tragedy knows no bounds. It is up to us all to fight drug abuse.
Andrew Old Elk of the Crow Tribe of Montana visits the Smithsonian National Museum of American Indian at the National Mall. [Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/ Getty Images]