‘BB19’: Julie Chen Thinks Josh’s Annoying Antics Could Strengthen Jessica’s Game

Big Brother 19 has been a roller coaster ride for Jessica Graf, but longtime host Julie Chen thinks the VIP concierge still has what it takes to win the CBS summertime game. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Big Brother host admitted that Jessica should have saved her Halting Hex for another time, but despite that misstep, she’s still a strong player.

Head of House old Paul Abrahamian tried to cut a deal with Jessica, telling her she was guaranteed safety if she halted her use of the hex and let the eviction play out and send Cody home. Graf used the Halting hex to stop last week’s eviction in its tracks, ultimately saving herself and her Big Brother boyfriend Cody Nickson from eviction.

“Jessica chose to use it for her sanity instead of her game,” Chen told EW.

“Absolutely she should have saved it and let Cody take the hit. He was willing to do it for her. She would’ve earned major gamer points with the hardcore players like Alex, and maybe even Paul.”

Chen previously said Jessica should have kept her Halting Hex a secret. Graf blurted out news of her secret power during last week’s live Big Brother show after Abrahamian won the Head of Household competition, so he called her bluff and put both Jessica and Cody on the block, forcing Graf to flush out her hex.

While Chen doesn’t agree with the way Jessica handled her hex power, she does like how she is playing the Big Brother game.

“She is smart and stands up for herself and is strong willed. I admire that,” Chen said.

“She doesn’t suffer fools lightly. She speaks her mind and has a firm grasp on the game and the people in the house. I am currently Team Jessica.”

Julie Chen’s comments about Jessica Graf are a little surprising. Graf has made herself a target by teaming with her showmance, Cody, who has turned into one of the least-liked players in the house. And by “crossing” puppet master Abrahamian, Jessica has made her own enemies in the Big Brother game.

Chen also weighed in on current Head of Household Josh Martinez and his annoying antics in the Big Brother house. Josh previously tormented Jessica and Cody by clanging pots and pans and singing a circus song while antagonizing them and calling them “meatballs.” But Julie thinks Josh’s tactics could actually work against him.

“Josh’s behavior is juvenile and annoying. It’s meant to intimidate,” the Big Brother host said.

“But Cody and Jessica are both too strong-minded to let him or his antics affect them. In fact, it might make them work even harder and make them stronger.”

Of course, it wasn’t long ago that Julie Chen gave a thumbs down to Jessica’s bad game moves on Big Brother. During her own HOH reign, Graf lost her chance to get Paul Abrahamian out of the house and targeted Josh Martinez because he was picking on her Big Brother boyfriend. Jessica’s plan backfired when the house turned against her and voted out pawn Ramses Soto instead. Chen called it a “foolish move” and said Jessica’s ego got in the way.

Take a look at the video below to see Jessica Graf using the Halting Hex on Big Brother 19.


Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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