Justin Trudeau’s Ill-Fated Attempt At Mounting Kayak Lands Him In Water

All Justin Trudeau could do is smile and jokingly say he was glad the national press was there to catch the moment he slipped out of a kayak and into the water. From the looks of things, it was his kayak mounting that went wrong, as Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau ended up out of the vessel and in the water, but he emerged unscathed from the unplanned dunking.

According to the Huffington Post, Trudeau donned all the right gear for his kayaking outing, most importantly a floatation vest. The prime minister taking a spill in the water was only going to be a small blurb in the news, because other than Trudeau getting all wet, there’s not much more to report. That’s until a newlywed couple, all decked out in their bridal gown and tux, paddled over to where the now very wet Trudeau was located.

The newlyweds wanted what any newlywed couple would want from the dripping wet leader of their country – a selfie with Trudeau. Despite the residual effects of his water mishap still very visible, as Trudeau was saturated, he couldn’t do enough to oblige the couple. He even kissed the bride, not once, but twice.

Trudeau and his wife Sophie were in Sidney, at the Sidney Split in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve on Saturday when the kayak mishap occurred. There were plenty of pictures showing Trudeau’s spill into the water, and as the Huffington Post notes, his head never went under, but the rest of him did.

The prime minister was mounting the kayak at the shore, where the water is shallow, so the danger was minimal. When the newlyweds paddled up and requested a selfie with Trudeau, he said, “I’m going to keep my shirt on this time,” which was a reference back to a beachside wedding ceremony last year where Trudeau took a selfie with a couple.

As one might expect of most beach-going men, Trudeau was not wearing a shirt on the beach that day, and he got all kinds of backlash for that shirtless selfie. He has gotten backlash for even the most generic selfies in the past. As an older article in the Huffington Post reports, Trudeau has been accused of taking selfies, or “using photo ops,” as a way “to distract the public from the more conservative facets of his party’s agenda.”

The bride said getting two kisses from the prime minister was appreciated more than a shirtless prime minister. When the pictures were done, the newlyweds and Trudeau parted ways, each in their own little vessel. Trudeau managed to stay above the water for the rest of the trip.

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