Trump ‘Lazy Boy’ ‘Newsweek’ Cover, Twitter Tweet On Obama’s 17-Day Vacation: Trump’s Viral 17-Day Vacation

Trump 'Lazy Boy' 'Newsweek' Cover, Twitter Tweet On Obama's 17-Day Vacation: Trump's Viral 17-Day Vacation

According to Google Trends, the search terms “Trump Lazy Boy” and “Trump 17-day vacation” are getting attention. Queries surrounding President Donald Trump include “Trump Lazy Boy,” which is up 300 percent, according to Google, due to the below Newsweek cover showing Trump reclining in a Lazy Boy chair and watching TV. At first glance, one might assume that it’s not a real Newsweek cover calling Trump a “lazy boy,” but a “lazy boy” meme or “lazy boy” mockup.

Surging along with the term “Trump tweets this morning,” which is up 250 percent, are the “Newsweek cover Trump” and “Newsweek cover” search terms – both up 170 percent. Also up 170 percent in searches are the related terms, “Newsweek Trump” and “Newsweek.” Folks are also interested in “Trump dossier” and the “Real Donald Trump Twitter” account, which have increased in searches, along with curious search terms from Googlers such as “Trump has herpes,” which is up 100 percent, according to Google.

However, the irony of Trump’s vacation to Bedminster, New Jersey, is seen in the below tweet going viral once more, when Trump criticized former President Barack Obama’s 17-day vacation Hawaii, and the way it would impact Secret Service members and their families, as seen below from December 19, 2013.

The Newsweek cover calling Trump “America’s boy king” claims that “Lazy Boy” Trump doesn’t like to work hard, and pontificates whether or not Trump wants to be President Trump anymore.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, Trump is set to leave on Friday, August 4, for his 17-day vacation at Trump’s private golf club in New Jersey, in spite of campaign promises that Trump made to his supporters, claiming he would be too busy to take vacations. Part of the reason for Trump’s 17-day vacation might be to allow the HVAC heating and cooling system to be replaced, which is 27 years old.

Those in the White House’s West Wing and the Oval Office need to leave in order for repairs to take place.


With Trump’s transcripts of phone calls to world leaders recently leaked to the public, including a phone call that found Trump praising President Putin for his “pleasant call,” as reported by the Inquisitr, there’s plenty of controversy swirling around Trump as he departs for his 17-day vacation.


[Featured Image by Jacquelyn Martin/AP Images]