‘DOOL’ Recap: Abby Fights For Her Life, Marlena And Kayla In Danger, Newcomer Cast In Secret Role [Spoilers]

After pushing Chad out of the way of a speeding car, and sacrificing herself in the process, Abby is in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. She has had surgery to repair the cause of internal bleeding, however, Kayla warns everyone that Abby has lost a lot of blood and is still fighting for her life.

Days of Our Lives viewers know that Dario has been blackmailing Abby, forcing her to leave her home to go into witness protection with him. Returning to the party after everyone had been drugged, Dario managed to secure a photograph of Chad standing with the victim in which he appears to be wiping his fingerprints off of the knife used to kill Deimos. While at the hospital, Andre tells Chad the truth about the photograph, as well as Abby’s reasons for going with Dario into witness protection. The photograph has been deleted from existence, but that doesn’t stop Chad from wanting to do the right thing.

After Chad visits Abby’s bedside, Andre drags him off to have a conversation about the murder of Deimos. Andre tells Chad that Thomas could very well lose his mother and will need his father. That being said, one day Thomas will grow up and know the difference between right and wrong. Wanting his son to know that he has done the right thing, Chad plans to confess to the murder of Deimos when Abby wakes up from surgery.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole has a heartfelt conversation with Maggie. She tells Maggie all about seeing Daniel and forgiving Eric. Brady returns to the parlor as Nicole is asking Maggie to keep quiet about what has happened between her and Eric, sparking even more jealousy. Brady asks about her work at the center, and Nicole asks him again to trust her. This, of course, would be easier for Brady to do if he didn’t find her later in the episode walking out of Eric’s room.

At the loft, Joey is more than happy to hear that his mother has been reinstated at the hospital, putting an end to the DOOL storyline that had many viewers frustrated. Steve has a heart to heart with Joey about the murder of Ava, telling him that Tripp would not have had a great relationship with his mother, but Joey still feels terrible and the guilt gets worse the more he gets to know his brother. Steve decides to clue Joey in on his suspicions, claiming that he believes Tripp wants to hurt Kayla. Will Steve be able to stop Tripp before it’s too late?

This week on DOOL, Marlena’s doppelganger, Hattie, drugged Marlena and placed her in the trunk of her car. Marlena is now in a mental institution and Hattie is in Salem wreaking havoc. Will John find her before too much damage is done?

The following paragraphs contain content and information that has not yet aired on Days of Our Lives. Please do not continue to read if you wish to remain in the dark about future episodes of DOOL.

Coming soon on DOOL, recent spoilers from SheKnows suggest that Tripp will confront Kayla and accuse her of killing his mother, Ava. Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Kayla will confess to the murder. Joey will put his own life on the line in an effort to save his mother.

Brady has been upset about Eric and Nicole since the night at the Martin house. Nicole continues to lie to Brady, causing more tension in their relationship. Brady cannot shake the feeling that Nicole is rekindling her relationship with Eric. Nicole is used to keeping secrets from those she loves, and this situation is no different. It appears that her secret-keeping may, once again, put an end to a good thing.

New DOOL Spoilers from Highlight Hollywood suggest that Salem will soon welcome a new resident. NBC has just hired Tyler Christopher to join DOOL family. Christopher previously played Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital. For the moment, NBC is keeping a tight lid on Christopher’s role, but they have confirmed that filming for DOOL began last week.

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