Simon Cowell, With Net Worth $550M, Talks About Having More Kids With Wife/Girlfriend Lauren Silverman

Simon Cowell happens to be one of the highest-paid celebs on television. Even a few years back, it was unthinkable for him to have a family. But, after his son Eric was born three years ago, everything changed. Now, the iconic judge of talent hunt shows on television would not dismiss the possibility of having more kids.

Simon opened up about his personal life on Dan Wootton’s Bizarre Life podcast. The 57-year-old was asked if he would prefer having a bigger family with girlfriend Lauren Silverman. He said he was unsure if he would be a great dad, because he had no idea about parenthood.

The X Factor judge’s relation with Lauren has been controversial. When she got pregnant with Cowell’s child, she was real estate developer Andrew Silverman’s wife.

At 54, Simon became a father for the first time. Lauren, however, already had a son with her husband. According to The Independent, “Mr. Nasty” did not have any immediate plan to become a father. Now, Simon has admitted on the podcast that Eric was not planned. But, when it happened, it apparently changed his life.

“Then, the most amazing thing happens.”

Simon Cowell, the celebrity judge for America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent, said the connection he had with his son would be difficult to describe. According to him, having kids makes a person happier, The Sun reported.

Simon Cowell's net worth is $550 million.

Simon Cowell definitely has enough financial backing to have a bigger family. Despite having a modest start, he became an overnight star with American Idol. Known for his “unkind” comments, Simon became an icon all over the world. The successful run of the show for years made him richer, with $33 million in his bank every year.

Then, he created The X Factor and Got Talent franchise. The music tycoon’s record labels include One Direction. These days, he earns as much as $95 million every year. According to The Motley Fool, Simon Cowell’s net worth is $550 million.

Simon Cowell's record labels include One Direction.

Simon does not like to plan things ahead in his life. He believes every good thing in his life has happened without planning for it. And, he wants it to remain that way. The self-made man, who left school at 16, has made only one promise to himself. He does not want to be bored. And, that keeps him going.

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