Cheerleader Flu Shot Girl: Hoax or Real?

Duncan Riley

The anti-vaccination nutters are having a field day this week based on a story of a cheerleader who received a flu shot and is, at least according to reports, now suffering from a neurological disorder.

Desiree Jennings, who before the flu shot was a healthy cheerleader for the Washington Redskins, claims that she developed the disorder Dystonia 10 days after receiving her flu shot.

The disorder means that among other things she can't walk forward properly, but (and this is where it gets weird) she can walk backwards or run forwards without any issues. She also has difficulty in talking....except when she's running that is.

The bizarre nature of her symptoms has left some people believing it's a hoax, although doctors stress that she's not putting it on.

The flu girl video as follows. What do you think, hoax or real?