‘LPBW’ Fan Page Starts Rumor That Tori Roloff Might Have Had A Miscarriage Before Giving Birth To Baby Jackson

A Little People, Big World fan page made for Zach and Tori Roloff recently started a rumor that Tori Roloff might have suffered a miscarriage before giving birth to baby Jackson. In Touch Weekly shared today that a recent photo shared on the Little People, Big World fan page, called Zach & Tori Fans, sparked the rumor due to a light anomaly that just happens to appear on the forehead of baby Jackson. A small rainbow on the top of Jackson’s forehead, along with text across the photo that reads “Rainbow baby” immediately heightened fan suspicions that Tori Roloff miscarried prior to having Jackson.

The photo in question was shared on the Instagram account @zachntorifans five days ago and immediately led to questions in the comments from followers and fans of Little People, Big World. Despite the drama, the photo of baby Jackson Roloff has only received average attention from the nearly 50,000 followers on the fan page that was started nearly four months ago for the fan-favorite Little People, Big World couple. Assumptions began to surface from the term “rainbow baby” that Zach and Tori Roloff’s first-born child really is a “rainbow baby” — a term used to describe a child born after a miscarriage.

According to In Touch Weekly, the photo — that can be viewed here — might mean that baby Jackson is “more of a blessing” than Little People, Big World fans “originally realized.” The Zach and Tori fan page captioned the photo, saying that “Jackson is a little cutie” as he sits in his car seat with just the slightest hint of a little rainbow on the top of his head. Just four comments down, followers began to ask if Tori Roloff suffered a miscarriage. The discussion continued in the comments with more than one follower asking what “rainbow baby” even means. Amidst the debate about whether or not baby Jackson is indeed a “rainbow baby,” comments suggest that, if not, using the term “rainbow baby” as it’s used in the photo isn’t “accurate.”

Some comments from the Zach and Tori fan page sound somewhat disgruntled that “rainbow baby” is scrawled across the photo of baby Jackson, while other comments try to defend the use of the descriptive, saying that maybe “rainbow baby” means the loss of Zach and Tori’s dog Sully, or maybe the term is simply just referring to the small rainbow on baby Jackson’s head. The overall conclusion from followers seems to be that whoever used the text on the photo probably didn’t mean baby after a miscarriage, but “you never know.”

“Wait, you had a miscarriage before you got pregnant with Jackson?”

“Here the meaning of ‘rainbow baby’ is because he has a little rainbow on his forehead.”

Although no one from the Zach and Tori fan page clarified what “rainbow baby” really meant in context to that photo, Little People, Big World fans agree that baby Jackson is “growing fast” and is “one of the cutest babies ever.” The @zachntorifans Instagram account adds new photos of baby Jackson often, so fans can get their fill of the 2-month-old Roloff grandbaby before the next season of Little People, Big World picks back up in September with new episodes on TLC, more than likely still in the regular Tuesday evening timeslot at 9 p.m. ET.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]