Where's Melania? Melania Denies Ex-Boyfriend Rumors, First Lady Set To Appear At 2017 Kennedy Center Honors

On any given day, Google reports the curious phrases that people type into their search engine about First Lady Melania Trump. Lately, Google has noted questions such as "Where is Melania?" or "Where is Melania Trump today?" being tracked by Google. People are obviously concerned about all aspects of Mrs. Trump's life, especially in light of rumors of Melania's boyfriend -- something novelist Monica Byrne brought up and the White House did not respond to request for statements about.

For example, with the past day, Google Trends reports that the phrase "Melania boyfriend" have increased 200 percent, along with queries about Melania's English language speaking. Google reports that searches for "Melania Trump boyfriend" has increased 180 percent, and "Melania Trumps [sic] boyfriend" has increased 170 percent. Over the past four hours, Google Trends notes additional queries and questions about Melania, such as "Does Melania Trump have a boyfriend?" which is such a hot search term that it is listed as a "breakout" search term without a percentage assigned to the query. Other related queries are up 1,050 percent, with the "Melania Trump boyfriend" search term increased by that amount, while other terms surrounding Melania's alleged boyfriend are up 850 percent. More detailed queries like "Melania Trump boyfriend Tiffany" are up 550 percent.

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According to Express, there's one man who has claimed he was an ex-boyfriend to Melania that the White House denies was her former boyfriend. Jure Zorcic said he dated Melania when Melania lived in Slovenia. Jure claimed he met Melania when she was a 21-year-old, claiming he was her former boyfriend, in a plot that was akin to the Audrey Hepburn movie Roman Holiday.

Zorcic called Melania very beautiful, saying that no one would predict the woman he knew as Melania Knauss would live on Fifth Avenue, in Trump Tower, in the future. Jure claims he lost a girlfriend in Melania when she went to Paris to model. However, the publication notes that Hope Hicks, President Donald Trump's spokesperson, said that Zorcic's claims to have been Melania's boyfriend was the stuff of "fiction."

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Meanwhile, those wondering when Melania will make another public appearance can look forward to seeing President Trump and Melania at the Kennedy Center Honors, according to the New York Times. Honorees like LL Cool J, Gloria Estefan, Lionel Richie, and Norman Lear are set to appear at the 2017 Kennedy Center Honors, alongside the Trumps. However, the honor doesn't happen until December 3 and air until December 26 on CBS.

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