‘Alaskan Bush People’: Brown Kids Enjoy Life Away From The Bush

The Brown family of the Alaskan Bush People show has left Browntown, their homestead in the Alaskan wilderness. When the decision to leave Alaska came out after their mom Ami was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer, the Brown kids were devastated. But now, it looks like they are having fun living away from the bush.

A concert, a bowling game, a movie. Rainy, Gabe, and Bam Bam have joined the social media now, sharing photos of some of their adventures. Fans can follow Rainy on Twitter (heroofkirrkwell), Instagram (heroofkirrkwell), Snapchat (heroifkirrkwel7), and YouTube (Rainy B). Gabe is on Instagram (gabrielstarbuckbrown11), and Bam Bam is on Twitter (JoshBamBamBrown) and Facebook (JoshuaBamBamBrown).

Rainy seems to be the most active on social media among them, posting selfies and some clips of her singing. She even responds to fans’ comments from time to time. They haven’t talked about their mom Ami nor about the Alaskan Bush People though. The only time she mentioned her parents was when she posted a photo of herself with her brother Bam Bam and his girlfriend Allison. She indicated that it was taken during the celebration of Ami and Billy’s 38th anniversary.

Rain started a Q&A with fans, letting them ask her questions using the hashtag #askrainy. She will accept questions until August 10, and she promised to answer them on her YouTube channel. Some of the questions, as expected, pertains to her mom, so fans would see if she gives any update on that.

Rainy also posted some photos with family members. In one of the photos, she shared a fun time bowling with her sister Snowbird, brother Gabe, Bam Bam and Allison. Another photo showed Noah and his fiance Rhain during Noah’s birthday.

Meanwhile, Gabe seems to be enjoying watching movies. He recently shared about seeing Wonder Woman in the theater. He also posted some funny photos about movies, such as the Lion King and The Incredible Hulk.

Bam Bam, on the one hand, loves to share photos in black and white, which gained some praises from fans. He rarely updates his social media accounts, but he was the one who posted a recent family photo with every member of the family, except Gabe, surrounding Ami. Rhain and Allison were also there. In one of his posts, he thanked fans for all the support they have been giving to the Brown family. He wrote the following.

“Many thanks to everyone for all the positivity and support you have shown and continue to show for my family.”

Furthermore, Noah and Rhain were recently spotted watching a concert of Matchbox 20. Facebook fan page Matt Brown fã page shared the photo from a fan.

Alaskan Bush People had been in two-week hiatus, but the show will return next Wednesday, August 9, at 9 p.m. on Discovery.

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]