August 3, 2017
'My 600-lb Life' Update: Steven Assanti Announces Season 6 Next Year After Saying He Parted Ways With TLC

My 600-lb Life has not been formally renewed for its sixth season by TLC, but one of its most controversial stars has already dropped the news to his social media followers. In his most recent Facebook post, Steven Assanti, arguably one of the most notorious subjects in the hit reality TV show, announced that the sixth season of My 600-lb Life would air sometime next year.

Steven dropped the news to his Facebook followers and fans with a short statement. In his update, the elder Assanti brother announced that the hit reality TV series would be returning in 2018. While Steven did not formally state that he would be featured on the show, many of his followers are speculating that the Assanti brothers would return for their official Where Are They Now episode in My 600-lb Life Season 6.

"BIG ANNOUNCEMENT There will be a Season 6 follow-up of My 600-lb Life next year. Thank you ALL for your support!!!"
The news has been received warmly by Steven's followers on the social media platform. Many, for one, have stated that they are looking forward to seeing Steven return on television, considering that his final feature back in Season 5 ended with more questions than answers. Others have stated that they are simply interested in seeing show Steven has changed since he was last featured on the show.

Interestingly, many of Steven's followers on the social media platform had noted that just a few days before his My 600-lb Life Season 6 announcement, the elder Assanti brother affirmed that he was parting ways with TLC and Dr. Now. Steven's Facebook statement had already been taken down by the reality TV star, but it was saved by My 600-lb Life fans in the form of screenshots. One of these could be viewed here.

"It saddens me to have to put this news out here for the world to know about my choice to part ways with Megalomedia and TLC due to personal reasons I do not want to discuss right now, but I have made up my mind, and it doesn't mean I have given up on my journey. It just means I will have new specialists and new doctors. I will still be a success story, not a failure."
Steven's deleted post, coupled with his recent announcement regarding My 600-lb Life Season 6, has managed to get a lot of his social media followers confused. Some have even doubted the validity of the reality TV star's statements since the content of the elder Assanti sibling's Facebook posts does not line up at all.

Not all of the responses to Steven's recent statements have been negative, however. Some of his more supportive followers have suggested that the reality TV star was simply announcing the renewal of My 600-lb Life. Thus, he was not in any way declaring that he was going to be featured on the TLC series' upcoming season.

If any, Steven's prediction about My 600-lb Life Season 6 airing next year seems to be well within the realms of possibility. The show, after all, usually begins in January and runs all the way until the end of May. With this in mind, there is a good chance that Steven's announcement, at least the one referring to the hit TLC reality TV series' sixth season, is honest and true.

[Featured Image by TLC]