Rihanna Reportedly Feels Great About Weight Gain, Will Dump Boyfriend If He Doesn’t Love Her Thick Curves

Rihanna has taken pride in flaunting her thick, curvy body on Instagram and the red carpet, clapping back at trolls who dared to tell the songstress that she was fat and needed to diet. But it’s not just Rihanna who is defying the body shamers. Some of her fans have joined her in clapping back at the haters as well. And according to a new report, Rihanna feels so positive about her curves that she wants her new boyfriend to “worship” her body.

Pointing out that Rihanna has become more curvy in the past months, Celebrity Insider noted that the musical superstar has caused controversy on Instagram and Twitter “about what it means for a woman to feel sexy in her skin regardless of what the scale says.”

Reportedly feeling fabulous about her thick curves, Rihanna isn’t wasting her time stressing about the criticism. Instead, she’s reportedly enjoying life with her billionaire boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, who is from Saudi Arabia. But her boyfriend might want to beware of how he expresses his views about the singer’s girlfriend, according to Celebrity Insider.

“Jameel will have to get used to Rihanna’s fuller physique otherwise she will dump him with no kind of mercy.”

In addition, a source close to the music star told Celebrity Insider that Rihanna is feeling pleased with her thick curves, and “feels sexy and more confident than ever with her new curves.” The songstress, according to the insider, desires a boyfriend who will not be “intimidated” by her personality.

Rihanna reportedly feels fabulous about gaining a few pounds, getting praise from fans for her thick curves.

So what exactly is Rihanna seeking in a man? The source also said that the songstress wants a boyfriend who will love her curves as they are. And that means that Rihanna has no intention of changing herself for anyone, added the source.

“She wants a man who can handle her and is not intimidated by her femininity. RiRi thinks she looks fabulous and is not going to change for anyone.”

In addition to emphasizing that Rihanna will not lose weight or try to achieve a different body for a guy, the insider said that the singer is looking for a boyfriend who can live up to her larger-than-life personality. And if the man can’t handle it, then it’s farewell time, according to the insider.

“She wants a guy who can handle everything she brings to the table, and if Hassan or Drake cannot handle it, then they can keep walking,” added the source.

Chris Brown reportedly is keeping tabs on Rihanna.

One name that keeps recurring in Rihanna’s life: Chris Brown. A different source told Celebrity Insider that although Chris is keeping track of Rihanna, he is not longing for her to pay attention to him or wanting to rekindle a romantic relationship. But the insider did emphasize that Brown is allegedly aware of what she is doing when it comes to her dating life.

“Chris [Brown] continues to keep tabs on Rihanna and knows when she is dating or seen with another guy.”

When Chris sees Rihanna’s romantic life, he allegedly feels “what he is missing,” added the insider. However, the source said that Brown also is observing from a distance to check on her happiness and allegedly enjoys comparing himself with Rihanna’s current boyfriend.

As for whether Rihanna might consider getting back with Drake, an insider told Hollywood Life that although she’s allegedly “hurt” by seeing Drake with Nicki Minaj, she has no plans to get back together with him.

Responding to claims that Drake and Nicki are dating, the source said that Rihanna is not surprised by the reports.

“She definitely has no plans to get back together with Drake.”

In addition, the insider said that as far as Rihanna is concerned, Minaj can “have” Drake, and believes the two should go forth and make their relationship “official.”

On Instagram, while some of Rihanna’s followers admire her curves, telling her that she’s “getting thick” as praise, others continue to chide her for adding a few pounds.

“You’ve gained weight,” noted one.

“Getting thick,” noted another.

“I love it,” praised one follower.

On Twitter, Rihanna’s recent weight gain has sparked a similar debate between those admiring her thick body and telling her she’s fat.

“Thick Rihanna can have it all.”

Others urged for thick bodies to become a trend.

But the fat shamers also made their voices known.

“everybody saying rihanna thick now lol she just fat calm down,” tweeted one commentator.

And then there was the Twitter user who opined that whether she’s thick, fat, or thin, Rihanna always symbolizes body goals.

“Skinny Rihanna Thick Rihanna Either or, they’re both body goals,” praised the fan.

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