MixBin Electronics Recalls Glitter-Filled iPhone Cases As They Cause Chemical Burns

While using an attractive accessory – especially a phone cover – is quite common among people, it can come riddled with unwanted problems as some iPhone users in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. are discovering. Select models of glitter-filled iPhone cases from a Chinese company is causing skin irritation and even chemical burns to users.

This problem has compelled China-based third-party accessory maker MixBin Electronics to issue a recall for its glitter-filled iPhone cases. For the unfamiliar, MixBin manufactures iPhone cases for several U.S.-based brands such as Victoria’s Secret. The accessory maker also sells its products on e-retailer Amazon.

Why The Recall?

The U.S. CPSC or Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall for nearly 263,000 glitter-filled iPhone cases over safety concerns. MixBin followed through with the recall after reports of users suffering from skin irritation, permanent scarring, and getting burned emerged. Nearly 24 reports of such problems emerged after the iPhone cases broke and the liquid glitter inside them seeped out.

“The cases are being recalled due to the risk of skin irritation, blisters or burns if the liquid contained in the phone case leaks and comes into contact with the skin due to breakage or cracking of the case,” MixBin Electronics stated.

Apart from Victoria’s Secret, other well-known brands such as Nordstrom Rack, Tory Burch, and Henri Bendel also sell the glitter-filled iPhone cases. The company’s own online store also retails the glitter-filled iPhone cases.

What Causes The Problem?

The skin irritation and burns are caused by the liquid, which is inside the iPhone case and essentially holds the glitter inside. The chemical leads to permanent scarring and causes skin irritation if it comes into contact with one’s body. Roughly 24 users of the iPhone cases worldwide complained of skin irritation or burns. Out of these, 19 incidents were reported in the United States.

According to the U.S. CPSC, one glitter-filled iPhone case user suffered from permanent scarring due to chemical burns. Another user also suffered from chemical burns, as well swelling on neck, face, chest, hands, and upper body.

These incidents led MixBin to conduct an internal investigation. The company advises people to stop using the errant iPhone cases immediately. It also shared images of the cases being recalled.

Which iPhone Cases Are Being Recalled?

MixBin is recalling cases for the iPhone 7, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6s. Consumers owning any of the recalled iPhone cases are entitled to a refund. The recalled iPhone cases were sold from October 2015 to June 2017 both online and in retail stores. These units’ pricing ranged from $15 to $65.

Nearly 16 of the iPhone case models that are being recalled were sold by Victoria’s secret. The complete list of the flitter-filled iPhone cases being recalled can be viewed at this link. The model number can be check on the product’s packaging.

Consumers who want a full refund can contact the company. For any questions one can reach MixBin’s customer service from Monday to Friday on 855-215-4935 between 8AM to 5PM ET.

[Featured Image by Vladimir Borozenets/Shutterstock]