Demi Lovato Speaks Out About Not Liking Being Labeled Bipolar

Demi Lovato says she doesn’t like being labeled as bipolar. Us Weekly shared what Demi had to say about the fact that she is bipolar, but it is obvious that she doesn’t let this define her. Demi was on iHeartRadio’s Label Defiers podcast with Elvis Duran on Tuesday, August 1, where she talked about it all.

She explained that sometimes people refer to her as bipolar. The thing is, Demi Lovato is indeed bipolar and has never been shy about this fact. She just doesn’t want to be labeled as bipolar because, as Demi explained, this is just something that she has, but it isn’t who she is and there is a lot more to her than just that.

Demi Lovato wouldn’t mind being labeled if it was something different, though. She said she would be fine with being known as Demi Lovato, activist. Demi has never been shy about her mental illness, and back in 2011 she went for treatment for an eating disorder, depression, and self-harm; she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the time.

She is doing great, though. Demi doesn’t let being bipolar hold her back at all. She actually revealed that she feels like she is in the middle of her journey right now. Demi actually wants to help raise awareness about mental health. Here is what she had to say about it all.

“It’s important to speak up about the things you believe in, because your voice will be heard no matter what position you’re in. I just happen to be in a position where more people would hear my voice than they would have 10-15 years ago, so I use my voice to do more than just sing.”

Demi Lovato admits to being manic before when she was working a lot. She seems to now have everything under control and is doing great. Everyone will just have to remember that she would prefer not to be labeled as bipolar and this is just something that she deals with on a daily basis. Demi shows that you can be successful and live a normal life while also battling with the disease.

Did you realize that Demi Lovato was bipolar? What do you think about her thoughts on not being labeled that way? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Rich Fury/Getty Images]