Trump Approval Ratings Hit A Historic New Low With Shocking Results From Republican Voters

It has not been a good week for Donald Trump as president of the United States. In a new Quinnipiac poll, the embattled president has registered a new approval rating that has broken his own record during his brief tenure in the White House, and it might be safe to assume that last week's health care defeat and the ongoing Russia investigation have a lot to do with it.

With Donald Trump's administration being just over six months old, the president finds his latest approval rating at just 33 percent, which marks the lowest point in his presidency to date, according to data supplied by Quinnipiac University. Even though this number seems quite disturbing for the president, the disapproval number might make the pill a little harder to swallow.

As with most presidents early in their administrations, the goal is to minimize the damage of a youthful and inexperienced president as all have walked into the office without ever having been president before. So the challenge is to win over the trust of the people who elected him/her to serve for them. In this case, Donald Trump's disapproval rating, according to data on the poll, shows that 61 percent of those polled disapprove of his performance thus far in office.

As referenced by CNN, the story gets even worse when you dissect where the steepest dip in the numbers have come from. The data shows that Donald Trump's approval rating among Republicans is where he experienced his steepest decline, thus further eroding his political base and distancing himself from the people who elected him president to start with.

Even more bad news to report from the approval rating poll, Donald Trump has also left another scar on his approval rating by getting a 63 percent in another area, which was with voters who say they do not believe that Trump has the leadership skills necessary for office, nor does he share their values.

It seems as though his only shining light is a split opinion on his approval rating when it comes to how he is handling terrorism. On these numbers, 46 percent approve of his handling of terrorism, but 47 percent disapprove, leaving him yet again in the red, although only slightly.

Last week was a bad week for Donald Trump, and now that the approval rating numbers have been released, it seems as though voters have been paying attention and expressed their opinions over the many issues on the table.

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]