WWE Rumors: Latest Updates On 'Broken' Matt Hardy Gimmick Offer More Hope For Fans Of 'Broken Universe'

Is the "Broken" Matt Hardy gimmick this close to coming to WWE? It may sound like an old refrain by now, what with The Hardy Boyz frequently teasing their popular characters on WWE media, only for reports to emerge of Global Force Wrestling (formerly TNA and Impact Wrestling) gaining some sort of leverage in the battle for the so-called "Broken Universe" gimmicks. But Matt's latest tweets have been particularly heavy on the "Broken" references, while also suggesting a similar, albeit renamed twist to the gimmick.

According to a report from Cageside Seats, one of Matt Hardy's more recent Twitter posts may point to a "gimmick tweak" that may serve as a workaround for The Hardy Boyz that would allow them to use their Broken Universe gimmicks that GFW has been claiming ownership of. The new tweet invites followers to "get woke," while also using a lot of the big words that Matt would often drop as "Broken" Matt Hardy during his and Jeff's time in the old TNA.

Matt's latest "Woken Hardys" tweets, as Cageside Seats called them, are also in line with The Hardy Boyz's post-Monday Night RAW promo from this week, where the "Broken" Matt Hardy gimmick was in full force in an interview with Corey Graves. As the Inquisitr noted, Matt had fully shown elements of his "Broken" persona, including his use of big words and a faux-British accent, and a promise to "run the tag team division forever," with the latter word pronounced as "for-evah," a phonetic spelling Matt often uses in his Twitter posts.

Despite all those encouraging signs from recent days, a gimmick change for The Hardy Boyz is anything but guaranteed at this point, as suggested by Matt's wife, Reby Hardy, in a recent interview.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated published Tuesday, Reby shed more light on the ongoing dispute with Global Force Wrestling and its parent company, Anthem Sports & Entertainment. As she often has on social media, Reby blamed Anthem executive vice president Ed Nordholm for the long, drawn-out battle for the "Broken" Matt Hardy gimmick and the Broken Universe in general, singling out a "lack of communication" from Nordholm as the main reason for the dispute.

"Even during Matt's contract negotiations, it would take weeks for Matt to get in touch with (GFW founder) Jeff Jarrett and Ed Nordholm. Even days before his contract was set to expire, Matt still had a hard time getting a hold of Ed and Jeff Jarrett."
The Hardy Boyz, defending themselves against rival Scott Dawson of The Revival, as seen on this week's episode of 'Monday Night RAW'. [Image by WWE]

Reby Hardy concluded by saying that the most likely course of action would be for her family to take the issue to court, even if she also acknowledged that it's not as simple as "going to the grocery store," and that she'd still prefer that the dispute be settled like "civil human beings" out of court.

"This is a personal investment vs. ego. I feel like there will never be an agreement without going to court."
Based on these new updates on the "Broken" Matt Hardy gimmick and the battle to bring it to WWE, there appears to be a lot of hope. But fans will still have to keep their fingers crossed, as Reby Hardy's recent interview suggests that a resolution may still be out of reach as of the moment.

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