Is it pine time for these six NFL QB’s?

As we approach the halfway mark of the 2009 NFL season, several teams have questions at Quarterback, now their Coaches must decide if it is, time for a change at that position. Here is a look at six NFL QB’s, who may soon be benched:

Mark Sanchez, New York Jets- Sanchez has thrown six interceptions and fumbled six times losing two of them. Clearly ball protection is an issue. However this team cannot risk benching him and ruining his confidence. When a team makes the move to a rookie QB, who was drafted high in the first round, they have to expect to struggle and the Jets need to stick with him. Beyond the fact that backup Kellen Clemmons is still an unproven commodity,

Kerry Collins, Tennessee Titans- His yards per pass is just 5.4 yards and that is the lowest for a NFL starter in 2009 beyond Derrick Anderson in Cleveland and Josh Johnson in Tampa Bay. In the past eight quarters played this team has not scored a TD, and is winless on the season. At their bye week it is now time to turn this team over to Vince Young and see what he can do. The good news for the Titans is many QB’s will be available in next year’s draft.

Jason Campbell, Washington Redskins- Since this team started 6-2 in 2008 they have been terrible, their head coach is about to be fired, and Jason Campbell is clearly not the answer. They should make the switch to backup Todd Collins and look to draft a new QB in 2010.

Derrick Anderson- Cleveland Browns- Derrick has thrown just two TD’s to his six interceptions, but the main problem here is backup Brady Quinn has already lost the starting job once. This is another team that will need to draft a QB in 2010 as nether of these men are the answer for them.

Jake Delhomme, Carolina Panthers- He leads the league in interceptions with 10 (tied with Sanchez), and since a disastrous start in last year’s playoffs has not been the same player. However they are on a two game winning streak, and there is no better QB on the roster.

Trent Edwards, Buffalo Bills- He has struggled to run the new no huddle offense, and cannot seem to find star receiver Terrell Owens. It is probably time for this team to find out what they have in back up Ryan Fitzpatrick. That way they will know if they need to draft a QB in 2010.