‘Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Still Rules As ‘Source Of Drama’ As Stars Chloe & Christi Lukasiak Tell All

Dance Moms diva Abby Lee Miller is now behind bars, but the famous dance teacher is still having an impact on the popular reality TV show and her former students. On Tuesday, Season 8 premiered, showcasing what marks the last round of Dance Moms episodes for coach Abby Lee Miller. Now two of the stars, mother and daughter duo Chloe and Christi Lukasiak, are telling all, and sharing that when it comes to the influence of Abby Lee, Lifetime’s competition dance show remains the same, according to People.

Christi, 40, was blunt about how Miller affects her students.

“What’s always the source of the drama? It’s Abby. She’s a strong personality and it’s difficult to stand up to her.”

Fans of Dance Moms learned last month that Miller would star in her last appearances on the show. Abby Lee infamously quit the dance competition show in March amid the ongoing drama of her bankruptcy fraud case.

Last month, Miller received a sentence of one year and one day in federal prison. Abby Lee will follow that time behind bars with two years of supervised release. In addition, Miller was fined $40,000 and ordered to pay the $120,000 judgment. She also had to provide a DNA sample related to her felony charge.

Abby Lee Miller stars in her last episodes of "Dance Moms" this season.

As the Inquisitr reported, Lifetime turned Abby Lee’s final hours before entering prison into a new documentary, Dance Moms: Abby Tells All. The scenes of Miller weeping and gobbling up macaroni and cheese with her fingers as she rode to the federal correction facility garnered mainly mockery rather than sympathy from Twitter.

So as for how her Dance Moms co-stars feel now, Abby Lee also isn’t getting much sympathy. Even before the bankruptcy drama began, Christi became famous as one of the first moms to defy Miller. Dance Moms successor Cheryl Burke also has criticized Abby Lee for the way that the coach treated the young dancers on the show.

Looking ahead at the upcoming season of Dance Moms, Christi applauds the other mothers who follow her lead and stand up to Miller.

“[I’m the] other moms’ biggest cheerleader,” declared Lukasiak.

Viewers who watch the show and see the way that Abby Lee sometimes yells at the young dancers have sometimes criticized the mothers on Dance Moms. Christi acknowledges the criticism that these parents have received.

“I think the moms have all gotten a lot of slack like, ‘Why do you put up with this?’ and ‘You’re just doing this for the wrong reasons.'”

Now, however, she expressed her pride in those who have dared to defy Miller. Lukasiak described herself as “really proud” to be observing long-time acquaintances stand up to Abby Lee.

“I’ve watched women I’ve known for a long time stand up and say, ‘You know what? We’re not doing this anymore,'” revealed Christi.

"Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller causes drama in season 8.

Joining her mother in dishing up details about Dance Moms, Chloe shared the surprise that she’ll provide viewers during Season 8. Known as a fan favorite, the now-16-year-old takes a starring role again by returning to Dance Moms to provide a proper farewell after she vanished in Season 4. The teenager shared that she views this as an opportunity to achieve closure.

“I really didn’t even think I was leaving [Season 4]. I figured we would go back the next season, and then I left and I never came back,” confessed Chloe.

“It felt very unfinished for me, I needed closure.”

After leaving Dance Moms, the young dancer confessed that she felt distanced from some of her co-stars, such as Maddie Ziegler. Viewers saw Chloe and Maddie competing on the show in what appeared to be a rivalry set up by Abby Lee.

However, now Chloe is setting the record straight, saying that the alleged rivalry was actually “never really an issue” and that the two maintained their friendship during the period when they co-starred on Dance Moms. The two also had the opportunity to reconnect recently at Nia Frazier’s birthday party, and Chloe is hoping that they will meet up again in the future.

“I miss Maddie.”

On Tuesday night, however, viewers of the Dance Moms premiere had no time to miss Maddie, with drama ensuing from Abby Lee. Miller filmed those scenes before turning herself into jail, noted the Daily Mail.

The episode showed Abby Lee going from highs to lows regarding her mood, with the Dance Moms parents expressing concern. Miller showed up late to class following a date, then had one of her famous tantrums soon after.

Dance Mom mothers also expressed concern about what would happen if and when Abby Lee went to jail, with Jill speculating that Miller was “in denial” as the group got ready for yet another dance competition.

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