UFO Sightings Spike In Connecticut — Check Out List Of Towns

The National UFO Reporting Center reveals that Connecticut has seen a spike in UFO reports last month. There’s been a 50 percent increase in reported UFO sightings coming out of the Nutmeg State for July. The reports in July weren’t just concentrated in one area of Connecticut, according to the data collected by this center that records the data on sightings from reports all over the world.

Did you know that the National UFO Reporting Center has been collecting data on UFO sightings since 1974? Reports in Connecticut go back decades, according to Patch. The center has collected reports of more than 90,000 sightings around the world since it was created decades ago.

The person who reported the most recent UFO sighting in Connecticut reported a “silent craft” moving east to west through his neighborhood. This UFO sighting was on July 23 in Meridan, Connecticut. The craft never made a sound, the report conveys and it released “four small red balls of light that turned & disappeared before hitting the ground.”

The witness from Meridan said that the UFO’s lights looked something like “firework embers” when describing the way they “died out.” After that, the report indicates that the “UFO disappeared behind the trees.”

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Another report of a UFO came out of Manchester, Connecticut. This UFO sighting was described by a witness who was driving along a road in that city. He saw just “one bright orange light” that was still, not moving at all. He said the light was “very visible” and “not twinkling.”

This witness in Manchester said he saw this light for a few minutes as he drove along the road and it didn’t change location. At one point it “disappeared” and didn’t appear again. The witness ruled out this light being a planet.

So far in 2017, Connecticut has 30 reported UFO sightings in the state, but 10 of those sightings were reported in July. This created that 50 percent spike in reportings for this New England state. The UFO sightings for Connecticut in July were reported in Meriden, Manchester, Plainville, Groton, South Windsor, Clinton, Stratford, Bridgeport, Middletown, and Clinton.

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Two sightings that were reported last month were debunked. On July 2, a witness in Clinton reported a green sphere with white dots in the sky, but local police report that object was “lens flares.” A report out of Groton, Connecticut, was “ruled by police to be a sky-writing craft” after a witness reported seeing a row of “5 hook-shaped objects,” on July 16.

To check out the UFO sightings in Connecticut, check out the National UFO Reporting Center’s index page for Connecticut, which is found here. The reports include the date of the sighting, the location, and the description of the craft. The data list also offers the duration of time the UFO was observed for each reported sighting. While sightings are reported all over the state, you can see that there are quite a few along Connecticut’s shoreline towns and cities when checking out the reported sightings in Connecticut.

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