‘BB19’ News: Jessica Tells Cody and Mark To Drown Alex Ow

Shocking Big Brother 19 news has come out of the house this evening (August 1). Jessica Graf just told Cody Nickson and Mark Jansen that they should drown Alex Ow in the Jacuzzi so that they can get further in the game. This disturbing BB19 news comes from the CBS live feeds, where Jessica and Cody are continuing to talk badly about the rest of the houseguests. Jessica explained that Mark and Cody should grab her by the hair to do it in the Jacuzzi.

A report by fan site Joker’s Updates confirms this piece of breaking BB19 news, which is very likely to shine some extremely negative light on Jessica Graf. As this just happened, it is unclear if production is going to do anything about one houseguest trying to convince two other houseguests to murder someone. Normally, production doesn’t take kindly to threats by anyone in the game, so this could be a very serious incident when they take a look at it. Will this get excused as a joke?

The comments from Jessica Graf came during a conversation with Cody Nickson and Mark Jansen about how the BB19 season has been progressing. Mark made it a point to tell Jessica and Cody that he is on their side, no matter what they hear from the other side of the house. That’s a bold commitment, but it will be interesting to see if Mark sticks with them after Jessica’s request to go drown Alex Ow.

There has been a lot of additional drama inside the BB19 house over the past few days, with Jessica and Cody finding out that they would be the primary targets for eviction. A lot of additional Big Brother 19 spoilers have also been revealed on the CBS live feeds, some of which may have pushed Jessica Graf to make this desperate request from Mark and Cody. Not only are Jessica and Cody the final nominees for eviction this week, but they are very mad that they will have to use the Halting Hex temptation to stay in the game.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cody Nickson was also called the worst player in the history of the show, something that fans of the show will catch up in the morning on Wednesday (August 2). This was due to the way that he and showmance partner Jessica have been acting toward other people as well as how they have played the game so far. If Mark Jansen decides to share the information that just took place on the live feeds, though, with Alex Ow basically having her life threatened, the BB19 house is going to explode in drama.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]