‘BB19’ Rumors: Do Houseguests Regret Not Voting To Evict Jessica Graf, ‘BB19’ Spoilers About Halting Hex

BB19 rumors on social media have echoed what some houseguests currently feel. There had been a number of Big Brother 19 rumors about the cast making a poor decision by evicting Dominique Cooper instead of Jessica Graf and now several houseguests agree with that sentiment. A report by fan site Joker’s Updates relayed a conversation that Alex Ow and Josh Martinez were having. In that chat, they reference the eviction vote between Dominique and Jessica.

Dominique got evicted by a 10-0 vote when she was on the block next to Jessica. Once Cody Nickson was out of the BB19 house, as he had been evicted the previous week, Jessica worked her way back into the good favor of a lot of houseguests. Had the house decided to secretly work against Jessica and get her out, they wouldn’t be dealing with all the Halting Hex drama now.

There is an alternative way to look at these Big Brother 19 rumors, though, as Jessica getting evicted would have altered how everything else progressed. If Jessica had been evicted instead of Dominique, she would have been in the Battle Back Competition with Cody. Had Cody still emerged as the winner, he would have had a very good chance to win the ensuing Head of Household Competition. It was Jessica who ended up winning it. Those would have been very interesting BB19 spoilers to come out on the live feeds.

It’s not clear if Alex Ow and Josh Martinez had fully thought through their revisionist eviction votes, but it’s certainly an interesting way to look back at what has taken place in the game. A previous report by the Inquisitr reveals details about the Halting Hex and what its impact on the BB19 house could be this week. Those BB19 spoilers state that Jessica Graf is prepared to use the Halting Hex and give the game a rest for the week. It means nobody would go home during that first Eviction Ceremony of the evening.

There are additional BB19 rumors about what might take place on Thursday night (August 3), including the potential of a second Eviction Ceremony. That would certainly provide CBS viewers with a lot of added excitement, as the houseguests might have to go through a sped up week of competitions following the Halting Hex getting used. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but that would certainly be a shocking revelation to the cast members.

The next Big Brother 19 episode is on Wednesday night (August 2), when CBS viewers find out who won the Power of Veto this week. As the previous BB19 spoilers have indicated, it was Paul Abrahamian who won the Veto and he then used it to save Jason Dent from the block.

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