James Franco Says ‘Addictive Personality’ Led Him To Battle With Depression

James Franco admitted that his “addictive personality” and issues with drugs and alcohol are what he believes led him to battle with depression.

“A very addictive personality”

Jame Franco recently sat down with OUT magazine to discuss how his addiction to drugs and alcohol led him to struggle with depression, isolation, and loneliness. The interview was titled “Talking Dirty With James Franco.”

The 39-year-old actor recalled his party lifestyle first began when he was just a teenager.

The actor had previously spoken about getting into trouble as a teenager, drinking at an early age, painting graffiti illegally, and even selling stolen bottles of perfume and cologne, which he was eventually arrested for, according to People.

Franco believed that acting saved his life because it occupied all of his attention and time, however, he eventually learned that he couldn’t run away from his addiction problems, which made him feel isolated, causing him to sink into a deep depression.

James said that when he was young, he was able to “get over certain addictions,” and he threw himself into his acting work to the point where he “didn’t even socialize.”

“On the surface my life seems pretty good – I have a career and everything – but I feel isolated and lonely.”

james franco talks addiction problem with drugs and alcohol that led to depression

Reassessing his career

Despite his struggles with addiction, Franco said he would never give up. Instead, the Hollywood actor said that he had varied his work to include both in front and behind camera projects.

He said that he really enjoyed directing, but he will never stop acting.

james franco talks addiction problem with drugs and alcohol that led to depression

James Franco went on to explain that many actors go through a time when they have to reassess their careers.

The 127 Hours star went back to school, took up surfing and dancing, and really tried to slow down and “focus on fewer things but in a deeper, more quality-filled way.”

One of Franco’s first directorial roles was for The Deuce, a TV-series chronicling the legalization and rise of the porn industry in New York City through the ’70s and ’80s.

The show will premiere on HBO in September and stars Maggie Gyllenhaal.

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