‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Steve Burton’s Return Sparks Two-Jason Duel While Sam Hallucinates ‘Deuces’

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and buzz tease that Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) mental health condition will remain fragile, and Jason (Billy Miller) will continue hoping for recovery. However, he fears for the future as Sam’s psychiatric symptoms persist. As if things weren’t bad enough already, threat looms in the form of Steve Burton’s character, whose return to Port Charles could complicate life for the beleaguered couple.

Although doctors are optimistic about Sam’s eventual recovery, they warn Jason that she will remain in a precarious state of mental health for some time and that final recovery will be slow. Sam still suffers hallucinations and delusions. She struggles to distinguish reality from imagination.

Actress Kelly Monaco, who currently portrays Sam, appeared to confirm GH buzz that Burton is returning to Port Charles as the “real Jason” when she posted a photo to social media on Friday, July 28 with the caption “Deuces.” The photo showed her piggybacking on a man resembling Miller’s character. The man holds up a bloodied arm and two fingers making a V-sign.

Monaco’s caption, “Deuces,” means “twos” or “twins.”

Many fans took the Twitter post as spoiler information confirming the highly-anticipated “twin-Jason” plot. Other fans claimed to have obtained a hint about how the “twin-plot” will unfold after an alleged leaked script containing a cast list emerged on social media.

The alleged cast list included a new character named Doctor Andy. Fans immediately began speculating that Burton’s character will be introduced as Andy but will eventually turn out to be the real Jason, while Miller’s character is shown to be an impostor.

If Doctor Andy is the “real Jason,” then an encounter with Sam at the hospital is unavoidable. Sam might even end up under the care of the new doctor.

General Hospital spoilers, Sam hallucinates

How Sam will manage her first confrontation with Steve Burton’s character when he returns to the ABC soap is the subject of speculation on fan forums. General Hospital buzz hints that Sam’s confrontation with the doctor, whose face looks uncannily familiar, could spark a mental crisis as she battles to separate reality from hallucination.

SheKnows Soaps’ Dustin Cushman noted a popular theory that Sam’s delirious episodes could mean that Burton’s Jason plays out entirely in Sam’s visions, in a manner reminiscent of the old British TV series Randall and Hopkirk.

Cushman also noted that Jason’s history of alternate identities and amnesia due to brain injuries, as well as plastic surgery that reconfigured his face, could be elements in the “twin-Jason” plot.

How will Jason (Billy Miller) react to the new arrival? Will he immediately recognize the nature of the danger and fight to ward off the threat to his relationship with Sam and his family?

Miller’s Jason and Burton’s character could find themselves locked in a struggle to prove the “real Jason.” Will Sam stay with Miller’s Jason or will Burton’s Jason win her over?

General Hospital spoilers also reveal that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) will be found and rescued from the pit in which Sam dumped him after shooting him. He will recover from gunshot wounds he suffered after treatment at the hospital. Police investigators will eventually question him about what happened.

Thus, Sam will eventually have to face questions about her action when she shot Sonny and dumped him into a pit, although it is unlikely that she will face legal consequences because of her mental health condition at the time she committed the act.

However, if Sonny learns about Sam’s condition before investigators get to him, he might decide to protect Sam and blame Garvey (Rick Ravanello) for everything.

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