‘Little People, Big World’: Audrey Roloff Introduces Herself On Social Media, Talks Jeremy’s ‘Crazy TV Show’

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff recently took to social media to reintroduce herself and talk marriage, Roloff Farms, and Jeremy’s “crazy TV show.” Audrey Botti Roloff became a Little People, Big World cast member by marriage after she married Jeremy Roloff in September of 2014. While still not a fan-favorite on Little People, Big World, Audrey Roloff has gained loyal viewers of the long-running TLC reality TV show as followers on her personal social media accounts since the couple’s wedding aired publicly on September 30, 2014. With Jeremy and Audrey’s first child due to arrive at the end of August, Audrey decided to once again introduce herself to her Facebook followers and fans of Little People, Big World who are anxiously awaiting the birth of the second Roloff grandbaby.

Audrey Roloff has kept her social media accounts updated regularly with news on her pregnancy, marriage, and the recent move to be closer to Roloff Farms. The Little People, Big World newlyweds also use social media to promote their marriage blog, called Beating 50 Percent, an online outlet that Audrey says is a “marriage ministry targeted towards younger couples.” Jeremy, 27, and Audrey, 26, have actually been accused of using the Roloff family’s popular reality TV series Little People, Big World to “sell themselves.” Little People, Big World originally aired on TLC 12 seasons ago in 2006 as a chronicle of life as an LP, or little person, since patriarch Matt Roloff, 55, matriarch Amy Roloff, 52, and one of the couple’s fraternal twin boys, Zach Roloff, 27, all have dwarfism. In more recent seasons, Little People, Big World started to focus more on Jeremy and Zach’s recent marriages and the births of their first-born children.

Matt and Amy Roloff still play a major part in Little People, Big World episodes, but fans have been turned off by the couple’s divorce after nearly 30 years of marriage and their new dating lives. Longtime viewers of Little People, Big World have recently voiced loudly, mainly via comments on the Little People, Big World official Facebook page, that they would much rather watch the couple’s recently-married children and the new Roloff grandchildren — specifically fan-favorite Zach and Tori’s married life with their new baby boy, Jackson, who also has dwarfism. But Little People, Big World fans are also anxious for Jeremy and Audrey to introduce their baby girl into the world in about a month, despite ongoing criticism of the couple for using Little People, Big World to push their lifestyle blog about “covenant marriages,” as described by Audrey Roloff in her recent lengthy self-introduction post.

In a Facebook post last Thursday, Audrey Roloff also wrote a bit of a description about herself and her background, including that she’s a “freckle-faced frizzy redhead” with passions for motivating women through her “always more” mantra that she developed years ago in college and still uses today in her marriage blog that’s been slammed for promoting marriage inequality, as shown in an article from earlier this year on the LGBT website NewNowNext. Audrey goes on to say that she quit the “whole cooperate America thing” to pursue writing, a clothing line, and Barre3 instruction. After listing a few of her favorite things — including camping, lipstick, and essential oils — Audrey talks about her husband Jeremy and the large Roloff farm in Oregon that’s featured on the “crazy TV show” Little People, Big World.

“Every October, my husband and I work at his family’s pumpkin patch – Roloff Farms and throughout the year film for this crazy tv show that my husband has been on since he was 12.”

Audrey said she wrote the post because “it’s been a while” since she introduced herself on Facebook as Audrey Mirabella Roloff. With nearly 200,000 followers, Audrey’s post has been met with mainly positive comments that say she’s an “inspiration.” Longtime viewers and new viewers of Little People, Big World also commented that they love Jeremy and Audrey’s values that they share both on the show and on their marriage blog, while also adding that they love “the crazy show #LPBW.” Comments also congratulate Jeremy and Audrey on their soon-to-be “beautiful” baby girl and ask for hints on a possible name. Audrey shared that the couple’s recently-purchased first home in the Rock Creek area of Portland is still under construction, but they hope to have it finished “in time for the arrival of our first baby, a daughter.”

The Daily Mail shared several photos of the inside and the outside Jeremy and Audrey’s new home in an article from June. New episodes of the “crazy TV show” Little People, Big World are reportedly supposed to pick back up in September, as shared by In Touch Weekly. The new season will more than likely keep its regular Tuesday evening timeslot at 9 p.m. ET on TLC and possibly give viewers a look at Jeremy and Audrey’s new family home, the birth of their baby girl, and more screen time for Zach and Tori’s baby boy Jackson, and, of course, more of Matt’s crazy projects on the farm.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]