Bill O’Reilly And Sean Hannity Try To Defend Donald Trump

Donald Trump may have low approval ratings while going through several scandals, but he can always count on his conservative pals Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity to defend him. O’Reilly, still reeling from being fired from Fox News after several sexual harassment claims, claims that a media lynch mob is trying to take down Donald Trump.

“Reince Priebus witnessed the hostile media onslaught up close and personal. At this point in our history, few reporters are actively seeking the truth. Almost all allegations against Trump and his supporters are treated as facts. Conclusions are drawn, narratives spun,” O’Reilly says in a new column at The Hill.

O’Reilly admits that Trump’s lack of discipline does play a part in the criticism against him. Moreover, Bill also admits that there are some legit things that Trump deserves to be criticized for. However, he believes that opinions about the Donald Trump presidency should be based on facts that demonstrate the truth rather than contrived falsehoods put forth by partisan pundits. O’Reilly believes that no president in his lifetime has been treated so unfairly.

Some of the commenters after the article think Mr. O’Reilly is being a bit hypocritical.

“Cry me a river. O’Reilly spent eight years with the rest of the right wing media trying to lynch President Obama and Obama left with 59% approval. Trump’s problems are of his own making,” says John McGoldrick.

“O’Reilly is just upset that women have been much less willing to accept his advances now that he no longer has a position of power,” claims Odyssy06.

Commenters call out O'Reilly on hypocrisy
Many believe Bill O'Reilly is being hypocritical when chastising Trump's critics. [Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images]

Bill O’Reilly’s former Fox News competitor Sean Hannity has perhaps done the most to defend Donald Trump. In fact, Hannity has been seen visiting the White House several times. A recent video at Fox News shows Sean Hannity claiming that the White House staff is working in the middle of a political war-zone.

“It amounts to what I call political warfare,” Hannity angrily says, adding that there are some major forces actively working to destroy Donald Trump and overturn the election. One of the forces is former FBI director James Comey, whom Hannity believes purposely leaked information to the New York Times. Hannity believes that the Times is just one of the sources in the “establishment media” that is working overtime to destroy Trump.

Donald Trump defended by Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity thinks Trump is being unfairly marginalized. [Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

“People in this White House from day one have faced an abusively biased press that is obsessed with obscene conspiracy theories without evidence,” Hannity sadly notes while emphasizing the situation with Russia.

Hannity believes the media is ignoring the scandals from the left. However, many on Twitter think Hannity is starting to lose his marbles.

Hannity has some supporters too, and his show is currently spiking in the ratings. Still, as the Inquisitr reported last week, there are strong rumors that Sean Hannity is looking to leave Fox and join Bill O’Reilly at Sinclair Broadcasting. It is alleged that Mr. Hannity is upset that Fox News is caving into all of its critics and won’t let him speak his mind on some issues. Perhaps a Hannity and O’Reilly news show is in the making.

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