‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Jessica, Cody Won’t Self-Evict, ‘BB19’ Fans Turn on Paul – Live Feeds Update

The latest Big Brother 19 spoilers from overnight on the CBS live feeds indicate that BB19 production took the houseguests to task and made every effort to shut down talk of self-eviction. Monday in the house was a series of verbal confrontations and targeted strategy, orchestrated largely by Paul, to encourage Jessica and Cody to self-evict. However, it seems that the powers that be at Big Brother don’t want that to happen and are exerting influence to keep Jessica and Cody in the game.

Late night antics in the Big Brother 19 house

Close to midnight on Monday, July 31, BB19‘s Paul admitted to Mark that he was riling people up to get Cody to crack and explode so Jessica would not use her Halting Hex and might agree to Cody’s eviction. Close to 1 a.m., Mark who recently made peace with Josh, worked to get Josh and others to back off of tormenting Cody and seemed to make strides, according to the Big Brother Network live feeds report. Before the BB19 house settled down for the night at about 2 a.m., it seems regrets were many.

The BB houseguests finally began to realize how their day of torturing Jessica and Cody might look on the regular Big Brother 19 episodes. Paul fretted that BB producers wouldn’t know what Cody had done to earn this treatment and it might look like the ex-Marine was targeted for no reason. Christmas also changed her tune after encouraging aggro behavior all day long and suggested they “kill them with kindness” when it came to Jessica and Cody.

Jessica gets a pep talk from Big Brother production

Last night, according to Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds, both Josh and Paul were called into the Diary Room and encouraged to shut down their hostile antics towards Jessica and Cody. However, it also seems that BB producers were closely monitoring the live feeds and might have felt this was not enough to stop what was already in motion. Jessica and Cody spent a lot of time talking about self-evicting because they worried the torment would continue next week after she used the Halting Hex.

Paul pointed out to the others that Megan self-evicting messed up the game already and if Cody and Jessica also self-evict, BB19 production would have a big problem on their hands. Around 9:30 p.m. on Monday night, Jessica was called into the Diary Room, and whatever was said there totally changed her tune. Jessica told Cody the woman she spoke to was very nice. After that, all Cody and Jessica’s talk about self-eviction ceased, and the showmance couple made plans to dominate the HoH and subsequent comps.

BB19 popularity poll shows shake-up, Paul failing badly

Paul started out high on the BB19 fan popularity rankings poll run by Jokers Updates, but now he’s way down the list and Jessica and Cody are No. 1 and 2 ranked, respectively. Kevin was top rated for two weeks in a row, but now has been bumped to No. 3 by the Jody showmance. It seems that fans have wised up to Paul’s take-no-prisoners approach, even if the Big Brother 19 houseguests are slow to realize he’s running the house. Interestingly, Ramses and Cameron rated fourth and seventh place, even though they’re gone.

Dominique, Jillian, and Megan ranked eighth, ninth, and eleventh in the most recent popularity poll. Mark, Jason, and Elena rank fifth, sixth and tenth, respectively. The six bottom places are held by active BB19 houseguests in this order: Alex, Christmas, Matthew, Paul, and Josh — with Raven coming in dead last, where she’s been for more than two weeks. It seems many are tired of Raven’s attention grabs and dramatics.

Can Paul survive in BB19 much longer?

Paul seems to be firmly in control of the Big Brother house and some houseguests, such as Matt, have suggested they’re happy not winning. Matt said he just wanted to make it to the jury and other HGs said they don’t mind coming in second to Paul. It’s a bizarre BB season since there doesn’t seem to be much ambition to win in some houseguests. Jessica and Cody have finally decided to stay and play, and we know they’ll survive this week since Jessica plans to use her Halting Hex, thus ending Paul’s HoH reign with no results.

The looming question is if Jessica or Cody wins HoH, will they put Paul on the chopping block and, if they do, can they muster the votes to flip the house and oust the veteran? At this point, it could be Paul’s game to lose since his social game is so strong that he’s got the majority of the BB19 house on his side. This week’s live eviction on Thursday night should be a non-event unless something drastic happens in the Big Brother house, and that means Jessica and Cody should be back on the block if any of Paul’s alliance wins HoH next week.

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[Featured Image by Bill Inoshita/CBS]