Lohan Finally Shows Charlie Sheen Gratitude For $100,000 Bailout

Lindsay Lohan has finally decided to thank Charlie Sheen for writing her a one hundred thousand dollar check to help pay off her tax debt.

According to Cinema Blend, Lohan decided to show a clear sign of gratitude a couple of days after Charlie Sheen publicly outed her for not thanking him.

A few days ago, Lohan went to the store, purchased some flowers and mailed them off to Sheen’s house. Along with the flowers, she also sent along a note saying how thankful she was for his display of kindness.

According to TMZ, Lohan told friends that she didn’t take care of the “thank you” for two main reasons. The first reason being, that her phone broke and Sheen’s number didn’t transfer over when she got a new one The second reason is that the government, swooping in and seizing her bank accounts, has completely turned her life upside down. She said that she’s been using all of her free time to tackle that certain situation.

Lohan might have had two excuses, but the second excuse about her life being turned upside down was the only excuse that made sense.

Clearly, Lohan is going through a lot of stressful situations. Obviously, a thank you card would not be the first thing on her mind.

Sheen has yet to comment on whether or not he is happy with the belated “thank you”, but seeing as how he has his own personal life issues to deal with, he’ll more than likely accept it.