‘Minecraft’ Cross-Platform Beta Starts Today For Android and Windows 10, On Xbox One Soon

With the Better Together update coming to Minecraft, players across different platforms will be able to play the blocky adventure game together. Rather than several different editions of the game being available to players on different platforms, the game will soon be unified simply as Minecraft on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, and VR. Players on these platforms will soon be able to play alongside each other.

Today, Android players and those enjoying Minecraft on Windows 10 can start testing the cross-platform update. The beta test is used to stress the game in anticipation of release while giving players a chance to preview the build. Many features of the update are included in the beta, like the Marketplace, but servers are not yet functioning.

The Better Together beta test for the Xbox One is expected to begin within a matter of days. Players that own a digital version of Minecraft can volunteer to test the update by downloading the Xbox Insider Hub. Owners of the disc-based version of the game will not be able to beta test the update. Instructions on downloading the beta for Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android can be found on the official website for the game.

Minecraft Better Together beta testing

Several new features are included in the Better Together update. Parrots, coarse dirt, player permissions, split screen, and much more are part of the update. Many bug fixes and other changes are included as well. For example, players will be able to change their skin by simply pausing the game and maps can be held in the off-hand.

After the update releases, players on the listed platforms will soon be able to play together. Not to mention, players that already own the game will transition to the Better Together update with no issues. A new version will need to be downloaded on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, but it is free to owners of the game. According to the FAQ for the update, the benefits of owning DLC are also extended with Better Together. Owning a piece of DLC on one platform makes it available on all other platforms with the Better Together update.

Minecraft Better Together release date after beta completes

Cross-platform play is the latest step forward for Minecraft as the game continues to evolve and expand each year. As the Inquisitr reported in 2015, a sequel to the game was not in development. Instead, letting players on different consoles and platforms work together was always the goal. In 2017, cross-platform play for Minecraft will finally be a possibility.

[Featured Image by Mojang]