Mojang Hasn’t Even Started Thinking About ‘Minecraft 2,’ Focusing Instead On Cross-Platform Support Between Xbox And PC

Fans of Mojang’s extremely popular sandbox creation title, Minecraft, can look forward to seeing the game supported with future updates and new content for years to come. In an interview with IGN during this week’s Gamescom event, Mojang CEO Jonas Martensson revealed that the studio believes that Minecraft will be around for at least another decade.

The lifespan of the game was brought up after Martensson was asked if there were currently any plans for a follow-up to the original Minecraft. The Mojang CEO confirmed that they haven’t even given any thoughts to a sequel to Minecraft at this point.

“There’s been no discussions about Minecraft 2 at the moment. I can’t promise forever there’ll never be a Minecraft 2, but for the foreseeable future there won’t be.”

Martensson stated that they’re not saying that second Minecraft game will never happen, just that Mojang is still fully committed to further developing the series’ original title. Like with the new Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, the developer envisions Minecraft as a product that is constantly reinvented with newer versions rather than a franchise that is delivered to fans through numbered sequels.

“There was never, even within Microsoft, a conversation about a Minecraft 2 just because it’s never how the game has been developed and even in the philosophy that the company has taken with Windows 10 where this is something that gets updated often.”

Minecraft - 4J Stuidos/Mojang
Minecraft tutorial world

The Mojang boss admitted that the Minecraft team is always going over player feedback. According to Martensson, it seems that more gamers are more concerned with being able to play the game with users on different platforms. Also, Mojang would rather give gamers the creative tools to continue to customize Minecraft on their own rather than building a sequel to do it for them.

“I think we’ve always been listening to the players and one big step has been to bring the game to all platforms and letting people play together. We also want to make sure the creativity of the community is still there, so we can allow and empower all our users to create plugins or mods, then I think then the community will take the game where it’s going to be in five years.”

With the Windows 10 beta client of Minecraft being identical to the Pocket Edition of the game, gamers can play together regardless of what version they are using. In another IGN report, Martensson confirmed that Mojang also plans to integrate the Xbox 360 and Xbox One editions of Minecraft to be able to play with the new Windows 10 version on PC to further promote Minecraft‘s cross-platform support.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see a true Minecraft sequel or simply continued support of the original title?

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