‘The Breakfast Club’ Boycott? Lil Duval Corrected, Told You Can’t Kill Unknown Transgender Person After Sex

Lil Duval’s Breakfast Club interview from Friday has gained plenty of controversy. As seen below, Lil Duval was asked a hypothetical question about having sex with a transgender woman, without knowing that the person was a transgender person. Duval called a man who transitioned into a woman a person who wasn’t a woman — and then Duval said “she’s dying” as a result.

The Breakfast Club condemned Lil Duval for inferring that a hate crime would be the appropriate response for a transgender person not revealing to their sex partners that they were a transgender person. DJ Envy proposed the initial question, but now a potential boycott of The Breakfast Club is being discussed online.

The subject of transgender people arose when discussing a recent guest named Janet Mock. As seen in the tweet below, Mock is a transgender woman who wrote a book titled Surpassing Certainty. The hosts of The Breakfast Club noted that they should not be held accountable for Lil Duval’s words about the transgender community and also noted how Duval “doubled down” on his refusal to apologize, as seen in a tweet from Duval’s page.

Duval’s original interview with The Breakfast Club from July 28 can be viewed below. In the wake of all the boycott talk, Lil Duval posted the following photo, showing that he is sitting staunchly on his words about transgender people while others wait for him to apologize.


It appears that folks might be waiting a long time for Duval to say he’s sorry, based on the above photo. Meanwhile, the Breakfast Club co-hosts urged others not to blame them for Duval’s words and discouraged a boycott and discouraged violence against transgender people. They encouraged people to use the melee as a teachable moment to learn more about transgender issues.


The original interview with Lil Duval has risen to the No. 44 spot on YouTube’s trending list of popular videos. Titled “Lil Duval & The Breakfast Club Roast The Real Sidechicks of Charlotte,” the video has amassed more than 850,000 views within days. Do you think The Breakfast Club should experience a boycott based on Lil Duval’s comments about the transgender community?

[Featured Image by Todd Williamson/Invision/AP Images]