Matt And Amy Roloff Are The Busiest Father And Mother Of The Bride As They Prepare For Molly’s Wedding

Matt and Amy Roloff are working overtime to make sure everything will fall into place this coming Saturday when their only daughter Molly finally says “I do” to the man she will spend the rest of her life with.

In an Instagram post shared hours ago, the Little People, Big World matriarch revealed some of the wedding details that she and Matt are busy preparing. Amy is tasked with getting the flowers for the once-in-a-lifetime event. As her Instagram post shows, Amy will be using a lot of vibrant-colored lavender plants for Molly’s wedding. This also gives a hint as to the possible color scheme of the wedding. If correct, expect the entourage to be adorned in beautiful lavender or purple dresses and accessories. There’s no news yet if Tori and Audrey or even Isabel will be part of the entourage. Another thing to watch out for is what Baby Jackson will be wearing at the wedding of his Aunt Molly.

Amy will also handle the food for the wedding, which is just right as she’s been getting good reviews for her Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen food products. Amy’s cooking has also been one of the focal points of the Little People, Big World TV series since it started airing in 2006. It looks like the wedding guests will be treated to some of Amy’s popular dishes and baked goodies this coming Saturday.

As great as that may sound, there’s at least one person who had nothing good to say about Amy’s cooking. An Instagram follower who goes by stygian_pete asked Amy to not bake desserts for the wedding. The commenter claimed to have suffered from food poisoning presumably after consuming a particular product from Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen.

Despite this bit of controversy, expect Amy to whip up a storm in the kitchen as she makes sure Molly will have the perfect fairytale wedding.

As for the wedding guests and bridal party, Amy is supposedly already hard at work getting the house, particularly the guest rooms, ready. All the closest relatives and friends of Molly and her groom, Joel Silvius, are expected to come to the Roloff Farms to celebrate their wedding. Furthermore, the bridal party and other wedding guests staying at the Roloff residence will definitely be more fun than any of them could ever imagine.

As for the father of the bride, Amy implied in her Instagram post that Matt is in charge of getting the venue ready for the wedding of their beloved Molly. According to another Inquisitr article, Matt actually made that fact known beforehand when he posted a photo of the wooden benches he made with his own hands. This labor of love is definitely one unique way Matt can make Molly feel how special she is on her wedding day. In the photo, Matt had already arranged the wooden benches and started lining the aisle with pebbles on a spot which Molly herself chose. According to Matt, the grove under the huge oak tree in the Roloff property’s back forest is Molly’s favorite and was the easy choice to hold the wedding ceremony.

Molly also decided to hold her wedding at the Roloff Farms, as In Touch Weekly reported, to continue the tradition which his brothers, Zach and Jeremy, started. The much-awaited Roloff-Silvius wedding will finally happen on August 5.

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Instagram]